Thursday, 14 November 2013

It’s good to have you with us, even if it’s just for the day

I'm not new to the world of blogging, I've run different blogs for over 10 years (starting way back on Xanga when I was at high school, now there's a trip down memory lane!). My "main" blog is my LiveJournal, the one I've run for years and still stubbornly cling to even though most of the cool kids have long since left it behind. I consider that my personal blog where I reveal my inner most self, wearing my heart on my sleeve and my thoughts on my tongue. However I've also loved having a seperate blog, a corner of the internet that's very much me but perhaps less personal, posting about the more frivolous aspects of my life and adventures and the things that make me happy. My previous blog was beginning to feel stale and I had simply outgrown it and was itching for a fresh start. Shifting over to a new blog is always a little scary when you already have a little home on the internet set up, but I decided to be brave and bite the bullet! And I'm so glad I did, I already feel much more at home here and am giddy with the ideas I have for where I would like to take this blog and how it will grow.

If you've followed me over from my old blog, great! ♥ And if you're new, welcome to my journey. I hope you have as much fun reading about it as I have sharing it.

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