Monday, 6 January 2014

Lose themselves in other times

Today I went to what promised to be "the biggest antiques centre in Europe." Err, it wasn't, not even close, but it was a pretty enjoyable day out. Due to it being hugely commercialised, everything on sale had a hugely inflated price tag to go with it (for example, an ornament that I bought a few years ago for £8 was being sold at this place for £55!) but it was fun to look around and fantasize about what my future forever home might look like.

I have to admit, because I'm generally such a klutz I do find visiting these types of places a little stressful. I can't help but constantly worry I'll back into something priceless and send it crashing, and due to everything being crammed into various rooms I'm always paranoid that I'm wandering into somewhere I shouldn't be. I carry around an Eeyore type attitude of if it's going to happen, it'll happen to me...

Antiques and vintage fair

Gramophones everywhere, I quickly lost count of them all. Not a single record player though, I think people are snapping them up straight away with the current vinyl resurgence.

Mary Quant headboard and 1960s chair

This Mary Quant headboard makes me wish I had a single bed!

The Beatles ceramic tile

This Beatles tile was the first thing that alerted me to the hiked up pricing. It's £48, my own identical one in mint condition cost £20. I did a quick eBay search when I got home and they're not even that much on there. I think unless you're buying big things like furniture, you should always know your research when visiting places like this.

Seeing this tile did make me go and dig my own one out when I got home though. A lot of my collectables are in storage at the moment due to my moving around state, it's nice to remember the things you own that you cherish when you haven't seen them in a while.

Antiques and vintage fair

Who doesn't want a giant copper parrot in their living room? (in all seriousness, I'd totally buy it if I had the room. It's so absurd it's perfect)

Antiques and vintage fair

I don't drink but still badly wanted this drinks cabinet, it's flawless. If I had a proper home to take it back to, it'd be mine right now.

Antiques and vintage fair

This was the extent of the promised vintage clothing, along with a thousand mink coats. I was really hoping to snap up a few extras for my wardrobe but it wasn't to be (so I came home scoured Etsy instead!)


  1. I feel the same in stores like that too. Especially when the not too nice people at the counter keep poking their noses around to make sure you aren't breaking anything! I loved that moon chair in the picture of the Mary Quant bed head. My mother has one just like it but purple. And yes, it certainly does pay to do your research. It can be so easy to be ripped off at places like that.

  2. I hate when prices just get crazy inflated, it always makes me wonder who actually is buy the stuff at those prices.

  3. gosh i hate those places like that! i find the most annoying thing is when you know they probably picked up that $100 dress for $4 at the local charity store.

    that blue and floral dress hanging on the wall is really nice though!


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