Saturday, 19 April 2014

On film

Film photography is something I've always loved, it took me much longer than everyone else to finally cave in and buy a digital camera, and even now I only really use digital for convenience.  I'm by no means a skilled photographer, but you don't need to be and little "mistakes" like light leaks and the unpredictability of film is what makes it so beautiful to me. Plus there's nothing quite like actually holding your photographs in your hand! Something that feels such a luxury nowadays: to go and have something properly printed on real paper with real ink and relive last weeks adventures as you shuffle through each photograph, instead of sharing those memories instantly on social media as it happened and then forgetting about them just as quickly.

A little while ago I managed to get a Yashica Minister II, a really lovely camera released in 1962 and the version I got still had it's original leather case and strap and even full instructions. It took me a little while to get used to this camera, but now I've cleared my previous confusion I'm completely in love with it! I shot some photos around my local seaside resort to have a little play, and I absolutely cannot wait to take it one some real adventures! I really love the colours it captures, and the way it makes these places which feel so mundane to me that I see everyday look completely different and exciting.


  1. i always love the British version of the seaside! lots of funfare type activities, rides, ice cream parlours and photo booths. But hardly anyone goes in the water! we have some skate parks and fish and chip take away shops at our beaches and thats usually it because you spend most of the day on the sand. The British version is more nostalgic i think. Very particular things seem to happen at the seaside.

    Lovely photos m'dear!

  2. Oh I am just in love with these pictures that you have taken. They are beautiful. I think it's wonderful that shooting these pictures made the things that seem mundane so to you exciting to look at it. Film is brilliant like that. And I as long as I can remember I have always loved film photography from the era of the 60's. I find it very comforting for some reason. I look forward to seeing more pictures you take. And I have to say, what an exciting beach! That snake slide looks quite amazing!

  3. Beautiful pictures, I used to love getting my holiday photos developed when I was a kid - you never knew how they were going to turn out! x

  4. I LOVE these photos! Makes me long for summer even more.

  5. I am OBSESSED with that snake slide!!!!!!!!!!


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