Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The wind is a very fickle fellow

I've been anticipating spring for some time now and the excitement of it finally being warm enough to begin taking outdoor outfit photographs again. But I had forgotten about the wind that comes with the season, my goodness is it blustery! So indoors I stay for fear of looking like a bedraggled version of Cousin It. I am appreciating not having to wear a coat though. It's much more motivating to put thought into an outfit when you don't have to worry about it getting covered up or caught in your outerwear.

Outfit details:
Dress - 1960s vintage (via HuzzarHuzzar)
Gilet - Thrifted
Shoes - Thrifted
Necklaces - 1960s vintage (handed down from family)

This gilet (I looked up that word, apparently that's what it's proper name is? Personally I just call it a jacket) Anyway, I'd been looking for one just like this for years, but all of the ones I saw and actually liked were in the couple of hundred pounds region which I just refuse to spend. So you can imagine my joy back in November when I literally stumbled into this one in a charity shop. I was straightening up after looking through the box of records and backed straight into the clothing rack it was on and I couldn't be more happy with it. It's always lovely to have your patience rewarded.

Also, you should probably get used to seeing this dress because I'm going to be wearing it all summer long :) I have so many outfits planned, I can't wait.


  1. i agree, when you don't have to cover up with a coat i feel the need to look a little nicer.
    Lovely ensemble, i'm in love with your dress. The soft peach color is one of my very favorites :)

  2. Love the dress! And the green necklace with the tassel is too cool. Wind is not my favorite either, :P

  3. It's been windy here, too! I about felt like Marilyn Monroe walking to the post office today; my skirt was flying up all over the place!

    But windy weather aside, this outfit is amazing. The color palette is so uplifting and cool. Also I had no idea that groovy kind of jacket was called a gilet. You learn something new every day, and I thank you for that!


  4. You look just like you've stepped out off the set off "Magical Mystery Tour" and it is fantastic! I just love everything about this outfit. You wear it so well too. Huzzar Huzzar is a fantastic online shop and have some really beautiful things.
    It must have been such a lovely surprise finding that gilet on the rack after wanting one for so many years. I've always kept my eye out for one but have never been lucky. I think acquiring something years after first desiring is much more enjoyable than if one was to receive it straight away. I think it makes us appreciate things more.

  5. I love love love your dress! The pattern and colors are are so perfect for spring!

  6. you have some really amazing clothes miss! good work on the hunt for the gillet, and i do love that peachy frock youre wearing!
    That Dononvan song is one of my favourites! i do hate it when it gets very windy, i just wish i could be in a little protective bubble on those days!

  7. What a gorgeous outfit! I really adore the sleeves on that dress, and I absolutely love the feeling of stumbling upon something you've been looking so long for. Oh, the wind! It always seems to be the windiest at my school, which is terribly inconvenient because I like to wear dresses a lot and my bangs/fringe always get messed up. It's very rare that I don't walk into class looking like Cousin Itt, haha.


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