Sunday, 4 May 2014

You can never hold back spring

Outfit details:
Dress: 1960s vintage
Scarf: 1960s vintage
Shoes: ASOS (last summer)

Can you believe I took these photos with my iPhone??? I can't! I didn't even need to edit them at all other than resizing. I quite feel like throwing my real camera in the bin after seeing these!

My mind has felt a little foggy lately, I feel as though I've been in hibernation these past couple of weeks. Not unhappiness, just a sleepy reservation as I've been dreaming the days away and doing everything that pleases. Watching endless amounts of movies, reading more books than my poor bank account can handle (I must be Amazon's favourite customer lately!) and sketching out more ideas than my poor hand can keep up with. I feels a shame to have to wake up.

I hope you're all enjoying spring and the warmer weather (or autumn if you're upside down ;) ). I love winter, but I must say I'm glad to see the back of it. It hasn't been very harsh in my corner of the world, but certainly very long and the sun is a very welcome guest.


  1. oh! thats so cute! i just love the colors and your shoes. not to mention that you do 60s poses quite well... i'm afraid i'm a bit awkward on camera.
    loving the spring vibes here.
    happy spring! i, for one, am glad it's here :)

  2. I just love the colours of your dress - very spring like!

  3. You look just fantastic, this is such a perfect outfit. I adore your shoes, it is a rare sight to see orange shoes where I live, which is very disappointing seeing as though it is perhaps my most favourite colour. Your make up looks lovely as well.

  4. Oh, I just love your outfit here! You have impeccable taste.

  5. hello from upside-down land! hehe. I take photos with my iphone all the time - and their usually better then my normal camera.

    I love that dress miss - very spring!

    Please enjoy the sunshine for me! mr sun doesn't hang around down here for very long any more and its always dark by home time =(


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