Friday, 13 June 2014

People and flowers are one in the same

Outfit details:
Dress & necklace: 1960s vintage
Shoes: Orla Kiely x Clarks

I just love love love tent dresses, they're my absolute favourite thing to wear! They're just so easy, you can literally just throw one on with a pair of matching flats and you're guaranteed to look girlishly lovely. I know a lot of people are scared of them due to their shapelessness, but you really don't have to have a body like Twiggy to look great in one. I'm as pear shaped as they come and love how these dresses can hide a multitude of sins.

This was one of the very first vintage dresses I ever bought and remains one of my most favourites. I had long admired the '60s aesthetic but was still figuring out which style might suit me when I found this dress in a vintage store. Mia Farrow's style in Rosemary's Baby was what first drew my interest in the fashion of the '60s and I thought this dress looked perfectly Rosemary and so loved it straight away. It's probably the most worn piece in my entire wardrobe.

Lovely Mia
What's your favourite dress shape?


  1. Love this silhouette - you look lovely in this summer dress!

  2. This is a beautiful dress and you look so great. I can understand why you've given it a lot of wearing time! I agree with you - tent dresses are brilliant and can do wonders for shape. But I think I'd have to say my favourite type of dress is an empire waist mini.

  3. that's an adorable dress! i love the gathering at the bust line. My favourite dress shape i think is empire line or what most people call a baby doll dress. The empire line lets you have a wide bottom like the tent dress but you can also include cute ruffles or pleats in the bust! I love your one - great selection!

  4. oh! i love it! nothing shouts summer louder than a fun floral dress. both your's and Mia's are equally lovely. i agree, tent dresses are so easy and fun to wear, and suit so many body types.
    love your hair, you do have a great 60s profile.
    P.S. tagged you for the Sunflower Award, but if you've already gotten it or don't wish to participate, that's fine :)

  5. You look awesome in this dress and pull it off so well! I've never worn one before but I might have to try one out sometime.

  6. I love this dress, the tent silhouette is so cute!


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