Sunday, 29 June 2014

Well! After this, I shall think nothing of falling down stairs.

Alice in Wonderland was the very first thing I was ever a fan of really, and I hold Lewis Carroll's novel very close to my heart. I bought this dress in Tokyo from Emily Temple Cute. I've always been interested in Tokyo street fashions and you can not travel to Tokyo without taking a gander around the shops, it's a requirement. This dress was released during my visit and it was love at first sight. I own a couple of items from Emily Temple Cute, their pieces are always such a delight, whimsical and girlish with such beautiful prints it's like wearing a piece of art. It's a little different than what I usually wear, but sometimes it's good to embrace that. There's no fun in looking the same everyday after all.

I don't know if you can tell that my necklace is a little book, which I felt suited the story theme of the dress. It's from 1963 and I believe was originally a brooch and would hang from a pin shaped as a gold bow. I think it's just as nice as a necklace though.

The print on this particular dress is literally a piece of art by Yuko Higuchi. I was inspired to look her up when I returned from my trip and her illustrations are delightfully detailed and surreal, quite reminiscent of Tenniel (only better!).

I also thought I'd share some photographs from my visit to Japan, even though it was some time ago now. I was too much in awe to concern myself with good photography practises, but it's good to not get too caught up in that and just enjoy a place sometimes. Not everything has to be polished.

Ringo Starr once said (aren't you impressed at my talent for getting him in to every subject? Years of practise!) “India was the first foreign country I ever went to. I never felt Denmark or Holland or France were foreign, just the language was different, but when you got to India it was very hard to know what the hell was going on." That's exactly how I felt about Japan. I've travelled a lot across various different continents and I'd researched a lot about Japan before I ever went, but nothing can prepare you for how different it is in every single way. I love it there, it's wonderful and an experience I hope I'll get to repeat in my lifetime.

Naturally I had to make a stop at Disneyland! It's something of a personal goal of mine to one day visit them all.



  1. Oh, that dress is heavenly!

  2. What a brilliant dress, it certainly is like a piece of art! It's always nice to see others loving Lewis Carroll's work. Your Beatles necklace is incredible too, I literally gasped when I saw it.
    Thank you very much for sharing some of Yuko Higuchi's work. It is incredible and I am excited to find more art by her. And I think your pictures from Japan turned out great and I agree with you. I think it is better to enjoy the place rather than stress over getting the perfect picture. I also agree with Ringo's statement, and my brother (who just came back from living over in Japan for three months) says the exact same thing about the place. It would be amazing to travel there and I hope you get to go back!

  3. Oh my gosh I would love to travel to Japan!! What an amazing experience that must have been, and so neat you found such an adorable dress! I love the necklace on it's own but the fact that it unfolds into all of their pictures is just so cool!

  4. Tokyo street fashion - some styles (such as Lolita) at least - heavily beckon my name as well. I went through a massive period of being enamored with Japanese culture, cuisine, toys, etc in my early to mid-twenties (still love those things, but they're not usually at the forefront of my mind as much any more), yet never really ventured into the fashion realm, as I was (as I am still now) more than content with my vintage threads. Sometimes though, I get a hankering to buy a really Japanese street style approved dress and weave it into one of my mid-century looks just for one. Like you said, and I completely agree, its good to mix things up every now and then and I'm all for doing just that, so I bet I finally will get one such dress at some point (yay! :)).

    ♥ Jessica

  5. WOAH JAPAN! I want to go there so bad! And I seriously love this necklace, it looks super cool!

  6. What an adorable dress! And that necklace is really cool! I do love how much pains Beatles fans went to to be able to carry them around with them everywhere! Beatles jewellery is in itself so special!
    my boy and I really want to go to japan one day! I think it would be so exciting! But he will most likely want to go at the same time at the F1!


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