Saturday, 19 July 2014

Peach blossoms

Outfit details:

Usually I like to wear this dress with waistcoats and piled up with necklaces like this, I feel the shape of it just lends itself so well to that, but I thought I ought to let the dress be the main feature for once, it's so lovely after all. The bag was a recent find at a charity shop, I don't think it's very old but it was just too darling to leave behind and I think the flower motif matches my dress print quite well. I've had a lot of luck at the charity shops lately, finding this Dollyrockers maxi dress which I'm still in a state of shock about! My mum was riffling through the dresses for herself whilst I sorted through the records when she brought it over to me thinking it looked like something I might like. I flipped in my shoes and she had no idea why!

These sandals were another recent find, in New Look of all places! Sometimes the perfect things really are waiting in the most obscure locations! I'd been wanting a pair of decently priced knee high sandals for the longest time, although I feel like I should be starring opposite Russell Crowe in them (I do love Gladiator though so I'm not too bothered!)


  1. What a beautiful dress! It does deserve to be the star of the show sometimes; it's so lovely and just quintessentially '60s. And those sandals are AWESOME! I just love them, especially with the dress. :)


  2. You come up with the most perfect outfits! I can just imagine you walking with George and Pattie through Haight Ashbury in 1967. Those shoes are fantastic too, it is amazing how sometimes that perfect item is in the most un-thought of place. They must have been waiting just for you! And the bag is very sweet, I really think it does match the print on your dress quite beautifully.

    1. Must say too, I can't wait to see what that Dollyrockers dress fully looks like! What a find!

  3. Beautiful! The high collar on your dress is the sweetest. You remind me of a young Judith Durham. :-)

    That bag is very nice - love the wooden (or wood-like?) handles.

  4. Lucy already said it, but those sandals are so like what Pattie Boyd wore in San Francisco! And I love that dress! It's so lovely!

    I'd love to find some kind of well known brand in our opp shops. A dress from Merivale would be the most exciting I think! Though Biba or dolly rockers would be very rare unless I bought it online from a real collector. Such a lucky find! Cant wait to see the whole dress!

  5. I've never seen sandals like that before, they're so neat and I love how you paired them with that amazing dress! Great outfit!!

  6. Goodness me, those gladiator sandals are sensational. Unlike a lot of more trendy glads that hit the market in recent years, I adore how these actually look like they could have just come off the foot of an ancient Roman (and I say that as a wholly positive thing). This whole look is rocking something fierce, dear gal!!!

    ♥ Jessica

  7. I love your dress and the sandals are gorgeous! I like the simplicity of this look but also the more layered look. Dresses that are versatile are the best.


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