Thursday, 7 August 2014

Mod Madness

Outfit details:

I do love mod styles and I really don't wear them enough. In my day to day I guess I wear what would be considered as 'casual mod' - blouses with a-line mini skirts. But to me, that's just casual clothes, it doesn't feel deliberately 'mod'. This dress definitely is with it's contrasting colours and geometric pattern. I'd of loved a pair of red shoes to really set it off, but unfortunately it's not something I own (and I'm not sure I can justify having a pair of coloured shoes to match every outfit no matter how much I'd love that!)

I've often found myself much more interested historically in menswear, and I love how female mod styles incorporated male fashion with shirt collars, ties, and androgynous shapes. However it still remains very feminine and playful rather than just being a woman in a suit. It's girlish but with that sharper masculine edge. I need more dresses like this in my life as it's one of my most favoured styles but unfortunately as a result of that I tend to be quite picky. I'll keep searching for my dream mod dress with a nice big dagger collar (my very favourite kind!)

Female mods dressed androgynously and got short haircuts, sometimes wearing men’s clothing with little makeup. By the time the mod movement reached the mainstream, however, it had morphed from an underground style to a more commercialized fashion, complete with miniskirts, bold graphic prints, and heavy eyeliner and lashes. The high-fashion mod look was characterized by models like Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton, was bold and brash and undeniably sexier than previous generations’ muted housewife style.

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  1. Love, love, love your outfit! You look wonderful.

    Too bad you don't have the red shoes of your dreams, but the ones you have are marvelous, with those big buttons. I'm not sure if I could pull off those over-sized ties of the mod era, but give me any of those large collars any day. :-)

  2. i love this! your outfit, the patterns and pictures, everything! all those bright colors and prints. i just want to throw away all the clothes i own right now and only wear this stuff for the rest of my life.
    good job on your outfit, i love your socks. that's something that really 'makes' it, and unfortunately, one of those things i always forget.

  3. love those shoes! <3

  4. Your outfit is super lovely! I would looove those shoes. And the photos of Twiggy are all great. (I even decided to use one in my latest post)

  5. You really pulled off the mod style look with this outfit, it looks great! The shoes are super cool :)

    1. Ooh your shoes! So perfect. I love the extra long upper with the studs! I do wish I could wear a tie sometimes with my work outfits, but I usually just settle for a soft scarf. There are a lot of tie wearers in my department and they scare me as it is. And there is nothing wrong with having shoes in every colour. It makes dressing much easier, trust me, I am that in love with shoes! Haha

  6. wow- so beautiful! I love your outfit and your shoes!!! your hair is on point, too!

    love, polly


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