Saturday, 27 September 2014

Because a vision softly creeping left its seeds while I was sleeping

Outfit Details:

Today I attended Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair and what a time I had! You've never seen so much polyester. Now I'd never visited this brand of vintage fair before, and I'm always skeptical as they generally tend to veer one of two ways: '80s & '90s selling a mix of New Romantic/Madonna/Fresh Prince of Bel Air styles, or '40s and '50s full of reproduction, cupcakes and scrabble rings. Both of which are fine if that's your thing, but if something's advertised as being general then I expect it to be so! Thankfully Judy's literally sold a little of everything, and I didn't spot a single cupcake! (why are those considered vintage anyway? The '50s were all about austerity!) I have to say I was a teeny bit disappointed as it was much smaller than I expected and it barely sold any homewares. I did manage to pick up a few treasures though, including a fab '60s purple velvet coat and a few crimplene items in that wonderful shade of bright yellow that just screams '60s and '70s. I also spied some beautiful peasant style maxi dresses for only £15 which I would of loved to have made mine, but alas they were just that bit too small. Which is always the hardest part of vintage shopping, having to leave treasure on the shelf because you know you'll only be torturing yourself otherwise!

As I finished at the fair earlier than expected, I popped over to the charity shop further down the street and picked up two records: David Bowie Hunky Dory and Simon & Garfunkel Sounds of Silence. Score! They also had quite a few Paul McCartney records for sale which I turned my nose up at, haha. His post Beatles career has always been the one I'm absolutely least interested in for some reason. Ho hum.

All in all a very fruitful trip, and my outfit appeared to cause a little stir as I seemed to be accepting compliments left and right and even had my photo taken. It's amazing I could fit my inflated ego back out of the door! I kind of threw this outfit together a little haphazardly, simply throwing on a few of my favourite pieces whilst keeping comfort in mind, so I'm pretty smitten with how it all came together!


  1. Wow! That dress is beautiful and it's definitely one of a kind! 60s outfits can be so special. I also love how you styled it up with red tights and a gilet. :)

    Olivia x Beauty from the Fjord

  2. I adore this outfit! You look too legit to quit, like you could be in the cast of Magical Mystery Tour. The tights, the dress, the jewelry. I love it! I can totally see why you got so many compliments!


  3. Your outfit is just brilliant, perfect colours and all. I just love those tights with the shoes and your necklace as well. Glad that you enjoyed the fair and found some goodies, I love to see them! It's always so upsetting leaving behind a beautiful vintage dress due to sizing, isn't it? But I hope finding those two records made up for it!

  4. Your outfit is incredible, no wonder you got snapped! Love the fluffy gilet and wild mini and those shoes!
    We're doing our first ever Judy's fair next month. I've only been as a visitor before. xxx

  5. superb outfit! That dress always reminds me of my pink and purple floral dress which is also comfy and gets lots of compliments. I very much share your sentiments about vintage fairs - and yes the bloody cupcakes!! I guess in America and Australia we didn't have austerity, instead we had economic boom so cupcakes and silly trinkets makes sense. I wont be sad to see the end of the cupcake fad as tasty as they are.
    I'd love to have seen the things you bought, perhaps in another post?

  6. Nice! Love the Sound of Silence. <3

  7. You look fabulous! Ive never been to a vintage fair or anything like that so it sounds great. Hooray for sounds of silence. Ive also never been a fan of pauls after beatles music.

  8. That is a gorgeous outfit! I love the deep red color and the shoes are perfect. A vintage fair sounds amazing, I'm not sure if they have anything like that around here but I would sure like to visit one.


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