Friday, 5 September 2014

Listen the wind is rising and the air is wild with leaves

Outfit details:

Summer is well and truly on it's way out; although the days are still warm there's that unmistakable autumnal chill always underlying it. The evenings are really drawing in too, it feels just a few weeks ago the sun was setting past 9.30pm, now it sets at 7.30pm. This summer I've been out in the evenings much more so I've really noticed it. It seems funny to me how I could of experienced so many summers in my lifetime and not realised how dark it is at the end of August, but sometimes we get too caught up in our lives to really stop and take notice of what nature is up to. I've really been enjoying it. I confess I can't wait until autumn is in full swing though! I'm already planning all of the little things I like to do in the season, like visit the woodlands to see the mushrooms and eating all of the chestnuts I can lay my hands on! Fruits are already coming into season, and I've already made a crumble with the wild apples and blackberries I collected on my walk. Yum!

Another reason to be glad for autumn is it means I can wear my favourite clothes again. I've been patiently waiting until I could wear this Dollyrockers maxi dress I found back in July, it's made from a thick woven material and what with the browns and reds I feel is just the perfect outfit for fall. As it's still a little warmer I wore it with my gladiator sandals, but I plan to swap them for my brown knee boots once it gets a little chillier.

I'm really into '70s folk style fashions lately, not actually a good thing as it means I've been swooning online at vintage treasures that fit this aesthetic when I'm trying to pare back my wardrobe. Just a few dresses and accessories won't hurt! I'm quite tempted to make the items myself as I've found some of the most glorious patterns. The only thing stopping me is knowing how shoddy the selections of fabrics are to choose from where I live, and I hate buying fabric online without being able to feel it and see how it drapes. It's the perfect style for this time of year though, don't you think? Particularly the more layered looks.

The main source of my inspiration, the above image is what I'd look like in my dreams. I actually have a belt very similar to the black one. Now I just need the dress to go with it!

Elements are of it can't help but remind me of the much more whimsical Japanese fashion called Dolly-Kei: "Inspired by old ethnic Eastern European clothing, and the stories of the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen.". I'm much more into the '70s take on it to be honest, but any excuse to post pictures of these beautiful, creative girls, and it's fun to see how these styles evolve over time. Heri, who works for the Dolly-Kei shop Grimoire in Shibuya, Tokyo has come to epitomise the style.

What styles are inspiring you for the new season?


  1. oh how pretty! that is the PERFECT dress for autumn. *swoo* on my goodness, i love it. great find, dear! i'm also a fan of vintage/folk fashions.
    happy fall!

  2. I have that dress in the turquoise and purple colourway but find it a bit hot to wear until its proper winter - isn't the material odd?
    You look stunning, red is incredible on you and the fluffy gilet is perfect. xxx

  3. Love the Dollyrockers dress. It looks fabulous on you and I love it matched with the vest. You've got me pining over 70's folk fashion now. They really do look perfect for Autumn. I hope that you come across some beautiful fabric to make yourself a dress with. And the Dolly-Kei fashion looks wicked!

  4. That definitely is the perfect autumn dress, and I love the vest your paired it with! I don't think I've ever eaten a chestnut, I don't even know what they look like and I can't remember ever seeing them in the store.. I'm going to keep my eyes open though because I definitely want to try some.

  5. You look sensational, dear gal! I will live my desire to successfully sport maxi dresses (they rarely work on my short, curvy figure) viciously through you and this wonderful autumn hued frock.

    This fall, my renewed passion in 40s swing trousers is going strong, I'm loving that houndstooth is having a moment again (not that it ever lost favour with us vintage gals), eager to sport tights and layers again, and plan to wear my shawls, vests, and jean jacket all more often than I have in a good long while.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. What an amazing dress... Perfect for the Autumn season!

  7. Oh I totally see where you're going with this. I had a teeny obsession with the ethnic/folk look last year, though I didn't do much about it except a bunch of pins on Pinterest. All the vests and belts and skirts are so lovely and dreamy, I think this is when the Gypsy term gets tangled up in fashion and misappropriated! I love that Dollyrockers dress. Everything I've seen of theirs so far is amazing!

  8. You look amazing! I find some Victorian-esque and 70s maxi dresses like this one stunning, but I just can't picture myself wearing them. The idea of wearing one freaks me out so much that I think I've never even tried one on (I wonder whether this is a really obscure child trauma I'm totally unaware of? hahah). I guess I'm just a mini skirt girl all the way :)

  9. It makes me sad how quickly the sun sets now. It's really noticeable for me since my work space barely has light haha.

    That dress is so gorgeous on you.. I'm loving all the colors together :D

    I really like that folk style but don't know how to go about doing it for myself yet.

  10. I love your dress so much, what a great find! I too really love folk style. All the pictures you've collected together are beautiful, especially love all those 70s girls! I collect lots of folk costumes from around the world, I'm always so excited come Autumn that I can finally get it out again! XX


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