Thursday, 16 October 2014

Hollywood infected your brain

Outfit Details:
Everything 1960s vintage

A few posts ago you may remember I mentioned that I'd been to a vintage fair and picked up some treasures? Well here's two of them! I wasn't too sure of the yellow crimplene dress when I first saw it. I fell in love with it's coloured smocking and beagle collar but I wasn't convinced I could wear such a bright yellow. I'm very olive skinned and sometimes yellow clothing picks up on my yellow skin tones, making me look like an extra from The Simpsons. But this shade is surprisingly OK! I'm so glad because I love these bright yellows from the era. The jacket is probably one of my most favourite vintage finds to date - if only it fit me better! It's fine worn like this, but I have no hope of ever doing it up with my ample bust. The '60s weren't terribly kind to girls of an hourglass figure.

These past couple of days I've had the house to myself, which means I've had full charge of the 50" internet TV in the main room. It doesn't have a DVD player so I never normally take any notice of it as I'm not a great lover of TV shows. So it wasn't until the second day I realised the possibilities that lied in it being an internet TV. I immediately signed up for a free trial of Netflix and have spent the last two days holed up with a duvet and cups upon cups of coffee. UK Netflix pickings are rather slim, but I did watch Disney's Tarzan, Melancholia (a film I'd wanted to see for ages and was sorely disappointed with), Pretty in Pink (can you believe I'd never seen it before?), The Addams Family, Mystic River, Milk. It really reminded me just how much I absolutely fucking love movies. Like, so so much. I haven't taken much time to watch films lately and it completely reignited my passion. My own TV is a paltry 18" which felt fine before, but now I can't help but sneer in it's direction. I'm currently saving up to move, which now feels ever more paramount as I cannot to wait to see what's the biggest TV I'll be able to fit into my new home so I can repeat the experience to my hearts content.


  1. --- idk if my first comment went through, I'm sorry if this posts twice!

    that marbled pink and yellow coat omg i wish I could be so lucky to thrift such amazing things! this whole outfit is just so ideal. :)

    Also - you should download the extension "Hola" to access other countries' Netflix! RuPaul's Drag Race isn't available here in America so I switch over the the UK Netflix and all 6 glorious seasons haha I just use FireFox and it's free and opened up a whole neeeew woooorld! ;)

  2. Such a pretty outfit! It look fab on you.
    Pretty in Pink is one of my all time favourites, I love Stef. His VOICE haha

  3. I LOVE those colors together! It is such a bright and cheerful outfit! When my husband and I first moved into our house we didn't have a TV, we didn't think we needed one. Then we thought about buying a super tiny one incase we ever felt like watching soemthing. Luckily we came to our senses and bought a 48 inch one and I have no idea what we ever did without it, Netflix is awesome!

  4. you look so fabulous. what great treasures!! i so love this outfit. the colored smocking and psychedelic design is so great. i'm a bit fan of yellow, it's just so cheery.
    i hear a lot of folks singing the praises of netflix, but i've never had it, and hopefully won't get it. heaven knows i have a hard enough time getting things done between my love for books and then all the free movies on youtube :)

  5. The treasures you picked up are to die for! It's so funny, I always feel unusual about wearing yellow too for the exact same reason, and what is uncanny is that I've actually said in the past that wearing the colour makes me feel like a Simpson! I am half Italian, and though I am quite pale I inherited the Mediterranean 'skin', so I always feel 'yellow-y' when wearing the colour. But really, you have nothing to worry about, the colour looks beautiful on you and suits your hair very well!
    And really, I gasped when I saw that psychedelic swirlingly fabulous coat of yours - what a fantastic find and I can imagine how much you love it. The outfit looks great with the white accessories too.
    Netflix isn't something that I've ever experienced, but I've heard so many amazing things about it!

  6. WOW, that coat is amazing! What a perfect find! I wish I was that lucky when looking for vintage coats. And I really love yellow, but i'm also a bit unsure if it suits me for the same reason (my papa is Sri Lankan) so I often stay away from it. It does suit you though!
    I haven't seen meloncholia but had thought about it because I usually like Kirsten Dunst. I may put it off a little longer after reading that because there are always too many films to see and not enough time to see them! I rewatch Pretty in Pink every year or two because after first watching it around 12-13 I really loved it. The older i've gotten the less I enjoyed it as I did when I was a young teenager but i'll probably always be fond of it.

  7. Just discovered your blog and you are so stylish! I love all your outfits and your makeup too :)

  8. I've avoided commenting on this for so long because i love this outfit so much i didn't know what to say! Finding a coat like that is a dream of mine - all swirly and colourful! i hope you enjoy wearing it. it doesn't look like it would fit me either, but sod it! anything like that deserves to be worn regardless! And someone else already mentioned it but Hola is a good way to get around location based online movies. We get nothing here in Australia and TV companies and the gov treat like us like muppets when they choose which shows will be shown and if we have a decent internet service to support things like this. And eventually when we get Netflix im sure it will just be a piss poor version of the American one. No point really. you might as well use Hola!

  9. THAT COAT! Your entire outfit is just flawless, and I love how you did your eye makeup!
    And maybe it's been a long day for me, but I totally read "yellow crimplene dress" as "yellow submarine dress".


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