Thursday, 2 October 2014

Must be the season of the witch

October, one of my most favourite months. The month autumn is finally in full swing, which means beautiful oranges and golds strewn throughout nature and the mild weather turns truly chilly giving me an excuse to overindulge in hot chocolate, roasted chestnuts, apple tea, and cinnamon everything. It's the time of year I actually get interested in vegetables, this year even feeling drawn to trying pumpkin (I know that might seem surprising but squashes just aren't popular here. Nor native.) Also with Halloween at the end of the month it means I can relish in all things macabre and spooky and be up to my ears in horror without getting the side eye.

One of my favourite tracks, a haunting instrumental piece based on Charlotte Perkins Gilman's short story and just perfect for the season. You can read the story here.

Currently listening to The Parlour Trick on loop.
Currently watching old Béla Lugosi movies.
Currently reading anything by Stephen King or Shirley Jackson. I recommend Skeleton Crew and We Have Always Lived in the Castle as personal favourites (although you can't go wrong with any of them).


  1. I'm absolutely nuts over the moth detailing on that top!

  2. Your outfit is perfect for the season, love the plaid skirt and the floppy hat! October is such a wonderful time of year, I adore the photo of your boots standing on the freshly fallen leaves.

  3. Wonderful images! Your floppy hat is perfect.

    My husband has been talking a lot about watching Bela Lugosi movies recently. :-)

  4. Your outfit is just brilliant and perfectly witchy. Your lipstick colour looks great on you and I really, really love your nail polish. Do you mind me asking what nail polish it is?
    And currently reading the Skeleton Crew ;)

  5. Nice photography, Love all the photos as well as your words that help further paint a picture of wonderful splendid October. Super outfit, especially that cute little bat bag! Is it new?

  6. Your outfit and make up is perfection. I love the spooky dark look! Autumn is not at all like that in Aus. Its just a little colder and there's Easter eggs. I love the way English and American people celebrate Halloween. Its become more popular in Australia over the last 10 or so years, but not for the right reason - sadly its just about lollies and wearing terrible skimpy costumes. Many little kids come to my house not even dressed up with plastic shopping bags expecting treats.

    I'd love to experience it in England, with all the spirits and occult references!

  7. I am definitely feeling the autumnal and spooky vibes from these photos (I wish our autumns looked like this; it still looks and feels like summer here!), and your outfit is just too perfect! I also love your little bat purse - so cute!


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