Saturday, 15 November 2014

Seal beach

I'm quite lucky in that I live quite near to the coast - not always an exciting fact as it means lots of tourists, etc. However away from the commercialised resort areas, the coastline can be quite beautiful. Particularly around this time of year as we get hundreds upon hundreds of wild seals that come up onto the beach to birth their young. It really is a beautiful sight I never get tired of seeing.

Unfortunately in recent years they've had to put a fence up to stop stupid humans from trying to pet them. It's gone from being a local secret to something people travel to see. I can't blame them, but I do miss the old days when it was just a handful of people and the seals. It felt intimate and magical.

When the pups want their mothers attention, they make a noise that sounds exactly like "MUM". It sounds so much like a human child it's unreal.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Style is ageless

"Better overdressed than underdressed. Let’s raise the bar. When people say, “But that’s not the norm,” and people don’t like it, I’m not coming down to their level. Let me raise the bar so that they’ll come up." - Tziporah Salamon.

I found this article today with Tziporah Salamon. She's 62, not that it matters.

So often we're taught in our culture that we must reach a certain age and "grow up". What does that even mean? That we must forgo everything we've ever liked and held dear, is that maturity? That we're no longer allowed to look nice, to express ourselves, that we must become grey invisible figures.

When I tell people I like Disney and love to visit Disneyland, I see their lips curl as if I've amused them. They'll inevitably work their way up to asking a variation of "Aren't you a little old for that?". Why? Is there some handbook for being an adult somewhere that states as an adult I'm not allowed to like cartoons? I'm a grown ass adult earning my own money and I'll spend it how I damn well like. I can't imagine anything worse than going and getting pissed up for a night out, but I don't put those people down, I just accept that we are different.

Age is very much a social constraint, used to try and shame people into behavior that they find more acceptable.

I love that throughout the article Tziporah talks of her dreams for the future. She's still planning. So often it can feel that when you reach a certain age, dreams must stop. We must never stop dreaming and aspiring.

“It is simply this: do not tire, never lose interest, never grow indifferent - lose your invaluable curiosity and you let yourself die. It's as simple as that.” - Tove Jansson

 * Photos from Tziporah Salamon's website.

It's a sunny day in Heaven and no one is around

Outfit details:
Dress - 1960s vintage // Coat - 1960s vintage // Tights - Red Herring // Shoes - George at Asda // Beatles beetle pin - 1960s vintage

I think this is one of my favourite outfits, I just love the colour scheme. Purple, orange and lime green are all just so perfect together. Eyewateringly bright clashing yet complimentary colour schemes are my favourite. Also my favourite is this coat, which I picked up at the vintage fair I attended at the end of September. Isn't it perfect? I put it on and it fit me like a glove, and when my mother then described it as "like something the Beatles would of worn" I immediately headed straight to the till! It's surprisingly warm despite not being terribly thick, so I'll be getting an awful lot of wear from it.

I'm taking a bit of a scary/exciting step and putting things into action to try and move, ideally before next summer. Not just down the street, but to an entirely new part of the country. Most likely Manchester way as I like it over there and I've had an inkling to move there for years. But who knows where I'll end up as I'm open to many places, I'd even gladly move abroad if the opportunity arose. I just really want to get away. It's exciting because it would be a brand new fresh start, it's scary because I barely know how to begin. I need to find a job there so I can afford to find somewhere to live, but I'm not sure how to go about applying from afar. I'm not looking for an illustrative position, just anything really, which makes it more difficult as my options are so broad. It's literally making stabs in the dark and hoping I might hit upon something. I've never moved for work before, so we'll see what happens!

It's funny but the idea of moving far away has never fazed me. No doubt because I never felt tied to any one place as my home, I've picked up and moved a lot of times throughout my life so it doesn't feel like a big deal. It's just the little technicalities to it all that I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with rather than the physical act of moving to an unknown place. I hope to eventually give up house dwelling all together and move into a vintage caravan. I love the idea of knowing that if I get fed up with a place, I'm not stuck there due to my money being tied up in equity or rental contracts. I can just make like a snail and take my home with me.
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