Tuesday, 4 November 2014

It's a sunny day in Heaven and no one is around

Outfit details:
Dress - 1960s vintage // Coat - 1960s vintage // Tights - Red Herring // Shoes - George at Asda // Beatles beetle pin - 1960s vintage

I think this is one of my favourite outfits, I just love the colour scheme. Purple, orange and lime green are all just so perfect together. Eyewateringly bright clashing yet complimentary colour schemes are my favourite. Also my favourite is this coat, which I picked up at the vintage fair I attended at the end of September. Isn't it perfect? I put it on and it fit me like a glove, and when my mother then described it as "like something the Beatles would of worn" I immediately headed straight to the till! It's surprisingly warm despite not being terribly thick, so I'll be getting an awful lot of wear from it.

I'm taking a bit of a scary/exciting step and putting things into action to try and move, ideally before next summer. Not just down the street, but to an entirely new part of the country. Most likely Manchester way as I like it over there and I've had an inkling to move there for years. But who knows where I'll end up as I'm open to many places, I'd even gladly move abroad if the opportunity arose. I just really want to get away. It's exciting because it would be a brand new fresh start, it's scary because I barely know how to begin. I need to find a job there so I can afford to find somewhere to live, but I'm not sure how to go about applying from afar. I'm not looking for an illustrative position, just anything really, which makes it more difficult as my options are so broad. It's literally making stabs in the dark and hoping I might hit upon something. I've never moved for work before, so we'll see what happens!

It's funny but the idea of moving far away has never fazed me. No doubt because I never felt tied to any one place as my home, I've picked up and moved a lot of times throughout my life so it doesn't feel like a big deal. It's just the little technicalities to it all that I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with rather than the physical act of moving to an unknown place. I hope to eventually give up house dwelling all together and move into a vintage caravan. I love the idea of knowing that if I get fed up with a place, I'm not stuck there due to my money being tied up in equity or rental contracts. I can just make like a snail and take my home with me.


  1. Your purple coat is just beautiful! Anything purple and velvet I guarantee that I will flock to it like a moth to a flame. I actually have a bright purple velvet coat quite similar to that (though not vintage) that I bought because it reminded me of something that George would have worn. I love the colours that you've matched it with - they look fabulous.
    And my best of luck to your for the move. It sounds so exciting to me, as I've never moved much in my life. I hope you find something really wonderful.

  2. Superb coat! I love your colour combination
    I am someone who HATES moving and the thought of moving to another county gives me the heebie jeebies mainly because I get attached to my things, my neighbourhood and little rituals that would get upset my moving.
    We seem to be opposite! I’ve moved only 5 times in my life and was a little traumatized by our first move to a suburb 20km away when I was 13 so I lost all my friends and identity at a sensitive time for myself. I still have dreams about my childhood town 15 odd years later and sometimes go on Google street view to reminisce!

  3. How wonderful to have stumbled across your blog! As a fellow 60's enthusiast I am forever combining bold, lucid colours together and all the better if I can add a variety of textures to the mix ^_^.

    I completely understand your need to discover pastures new, I am a Horse in the Chinese Zodiac which explains my need for constant renewal and change. Many people can find such an impulse unsettling but it lends to new experiences and prevents staleness from settling in. Don't get too caught up with the technicalities, I moved to London and found a job afterwards (I too didn't know what I wanted to pursue specifically and ended up working in a museum to begin with). Gumtree was brilliant for job searching when I didn't know exactly what I was looking for.

    And I couldn't agree more about the caravan! I used to go to Cornwall every year in a 1960's Volkswagen Campervan and living within an environment that promotes excitement, discovery and inconsistency was amazing! I've recently been Pinning vintage school bus houses on my Pinterest and hope to one day live on a bus or a boat :)

    Good luck with your aspirations!

    Jess x

  4. This outfit is divine! I absolutely love the color scheme, the purple, orange and green are so rich. I feel you on the moving anxiety, I've been thinking about all I need to do to move in the next few months and there are so many little things to remember! I'm sure you'll have a grand adventure when you move to your new space :)

  5. That is definitely a marvelous color scheme! What a great find that jacket was, it look wonderful on you. I've always thought it would be such an adventure to move to a completely different city, but also wondered what steps come first. I'm not sure if I'll ever end up moving far away, but I have definitely day dreamed about it many times. I am looking forward to reading about more of your journey!


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