Saturday, 13 December 2014

A little town up North

Earlier this week I paid a visit to York city centre to see it in it's Christmas splendor and spend some quality time with my mum. It's a truly beautiful city full of so much old Tudor architecture, walking around it's easy to imagine people from hundreds of years ago milling about the very same buildings. I don't visit very often as it's quite a few hours drive, but it's always worth it. I love that it contains so many little independent shops rather than the kind of thing that can be found on any old high street which I get rather bored with.

I know macarons have become a blogging cliché, but I do adore them. I'm a total snob though and refuse to buy them from just anywhere - when I lived in London I'd only treat myself to Ladurée and having had the best anything else is a step down. Except Bettys, Ladurée's English equal. Any trip to York guarantees I come home with a selection of these bad boys.


  1. oh so lovely! this looks like a great adventure, i just love old buildings. and believe it or not, I've never had a macaron in my life. gah, i'm always behind on stuff like this.

  2. That town looks amazing! We just don't have anything with quite so much history as that, here in the US. I have never eaten a macaron. My mom got some once and I was very excited to try them, but then I got so wrapped up in trying to take a cute picture of them that I forgot to eat one!

  3. wow! York is so pretty! I love to see the English villages in their full Christmas splendor. It's like Christmas was made for them. And who cares is macaroons are cliche, their so yummy, and the gold ones are very pretty.


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