Monday, 29 December 2014

Here we go round the lemon tree

Outfit details:

Channeling my inner Ringo

This year I participated in Jessica at Chronically Vintage's first Secret Santa gift exchange. I've taken part in various Secret Santas throughout the years for niche interests - I used to be in one for fans of Tim Burton when I was 15, and I was part of a Disney one for a couple of years. They were forum based, but we were quite tight knit little communities and I always greatly enjoyed selecting gifts to send to like minded friends halfway across the world. I've never had real life friends who shared the same interests as me, so I always enjoyed having that experience. So I jumped straight on board when Jessica announced she was organising one!

My favourite thing about Secret Santa is although you share a common interest, you're not necessarily shopping what you know which can feel quite nerve wracking. The girl I shopped for was all about the '40s, probably the one decade I know the least about! And my Secret Santa had the same struggle but the other way around for me, but she really got it spot on and I couldn't be happier. She was so kind and sent me two nail polishes in lovely citrus shades, a beetle brooch, and the dress I'm wearing - which fits like a glove and is precisely my colour scheme. It has a lovely belt detail on the back which I tried to photograph, but it turns out taking photos of your own back isn't easy and they didn't come out so I'll have to share that bit with you next time! It's funny, I've been searching around for a "midi" length dress for a few months now and I ended up getting sent just that. I love how the fabric changes from a patterned mosaic effect to detailed fruit as you get closer. I have so many outfit ideas for it, and I love how well it coordinates with the brooch and nail varnishes. I've already put the brooch on the lapel of my jacket, and I'm itching the take the current colour off my nails so I can play with the new shades. The warmest of thank yous to my wonderful Secret Santa, and to Jessica for making it happen!


  1. What lovely gifts your received! The Secret Santa Jessica organized sounds like such a great idea and would have been so much fun. I wish I could have participated in it! The dress is just beautiful, I love the warm colours in it and it looks fabulous the way you've styled it.

  2. What a marvelous gift! That dress is so you, and the brooch is adorable. I've never participated in an online secret Santa, it sounds like a lot of fun!

  3. perfect dress! I love when secret santa turns out. ive had some doozys in the past! I love that vest of yours too. The Spoolettes organised a secret santa, but we didnt all buy each other sewing things. Have a happy new year!

  4. That dress is a departure from your usual style but it looks brilliant with that cute waistcoat! xxx

  5. ah, the dress, how perfect! Vintage Secret Santa was really a blast, i'm so glad you had a wonderful experience too. i just love the colors in this outfit. there are many, but fit together and coordinate well. i'm also really, really, digging how well you know Photoshop. your wallpapers are crazy amazing.

  6. What a wonderful swap partner- so brilliant that she got it so spot on! I took part in the Oh Comely this year, it's such a lovely thing to do. I think actually enjoy picking little gifts and making the package more than receiving one in return! I really adore how you've styled the dress, that waistcoat is beautiful! Hope you had a very happy new year and that 2015 will be full of delights for you! XX

  7. I'm experiencing dress, shoes AND wallpaper envy!
    What perfectly chosen secret Santa presents. And I agree with you and Lally (above) that it's a joyful feeling putting together carefully selected gifts for someone else.


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