Sunday, 21 December 2014

Thank God it's Christmas

Outfit details:

I got bored when taking the pictures so lets just gloss over that bit, ha! I wanted to say I haven't felt much in the mood for outfit posts lately which is why there's been a break, but that's actually a lie because this is the first outfit in about a month that's been worth photographing. I've been up to my elbows in art, the holiday season is always busy for commissions (a blessing, don't think I'm complaining!) and drawing commissions then always inspires me to draw things for myself so it turns into a cycle of just drawing and painting day in and day out which isn't something I need to get dressed up for. I used to wear all of my best clothes to college everyday and would be so heartbroken when they got stained in paint that never came out. It was inevitable and I don't know why I did it, but at least I learnt my lesson!

Christmas has really crept up on me! Because I've been locked away drawing I haven't felt very seasonal, it seems like last time I looked around it was only November and I was telling myself I had ages yet! I went out this weekend and managed to buy all of my presents in one go, so pat on the back to me for that one I think. I then spent Sunday watching my favourite Christmas movie Elf and wrapping everything, so now I'm feeling much more in the spirit of things!

My new Seth MacFarlane vinyl arrived in time too, which has gotten me into the spirit of things! For some reason the vinyl edition wasn't released in the UK so I had it on preorder from the US Amazon and it kept getting delayed. If you haven't heard Seth's music before I really urge you to give him a listen and not be put off by thoughts of Family Guy - there's no silliness here, it's just top quality swing music that's well up there with the masters. His Music is Better Than Words album is one of my all time favourites, and Holiday for Swing! certainly lives up to it.
Seth MacFarlane - A Marshmallow World  
I hope you're all enjoying the holidays!


  1. That's great news about your commissions! Loving this outfit and your amazing eye make-up. That waistcoat and those shoes? Perfection. xxx

  2. You look you came straight from a record cover and I'm so happy someone at least has an appreciation for the movie Elf (nobody in my family ever wants to watch it with me).

    Have a lovely Christmas!

  3. you look awesome! and that fantastic wallpaper, though. i love how your outfits and photo locations are always so colorful and fun.
    i LOVE christmas swing music. on my goodness, so awesome. thanks for sharing.
    have a merry christmas!

  4. I love how vibrant your outfits always are. It's good to hear about the commissions. You're a very talented artist and deserve all the success you get! I was about to comment on the great wallpaper then I noticed your comment above, haha!

  5. I hope you had a merry Christmas! I've been so busy all December and planning for a crafternoon, that Christmas was a footnote to the rest of the month. Ill have to check out the Seth MacFarlane album, though i still like his silly stuff too

  6. Holy Christmas trees, Batman, how did I not know that Seth was putting out records? I'm a huge Family Guy fan and general admirer of his work in general, and yet had no idea he was on vinyl. Too cool! Thank you for the fun introduction - as always, I leave your blog with a smile on my face and plenty to be inspired by and excited about.

    ♥ Jessica


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