Friday, 23 January 2015

My rock 'n' roll 45's been enraging the folks on the lower floor

I've been a little absent from the Internet lately, just checking my blog feed now and again when time allows it. I've been favouring Instagram and Twitter just because it's so much simpler to look through very quickly on my phone. My absence is entirely down to productivity, my workload shot up with unexpected sudden deadlines so I had to stick my nose to the grindstone. It's actually been quite enjoyable, albeit stressful. Thankfully my ideas have kept flowing and I hope the rewards of my hardwork will be worth it - fingers crossed!

Outfit details:

I bought this dress a few months ago at a local antique store. One of the dealers there specialises in the '60s and '70s and it takes all of my restraint not to go mad and buy everything! So many wonderful homewares and knick-knacks, and a huge selection of womenswear! Everything is quite expensive which is a shame, but I do like to treat myself now and then so I bought this dress. It was deadstock and still had the original tags, and I fell in love with it's bishop sleeves (my absolute favourite!), peter pan collar, and floral embroidery. The embroidered yoke reminded me of Western style shirts - I adore Western style clothing and actually own quite few things so it sold the dress to me completely! I tried to emphasise that train of thought with my bison necklace, what do you think?

It's not a great dress. It mildly annoys me that the button placket doesn't line up, especially as such a feature is made of it with it being pink, and the collar doesn't sit straight (that's not my necklace pulling on it). And the seam down the sleeve doesn't have any give so it pulls the sleeves up constantly; I mentioned this to my mum and was tickled when she said that she remembered her bishop sleeves having the same fault on many of her clothes in the '70s. My mum loves that I wear the clothes of her youth and I enjoy hearing her reminisce to me about her style. She likes this particular dress as it reminds her strongly of a similar one she owned. How I wish she'd kept everything, what a dream that would be!

I finally have all of my things sorted out of storage which feels wonderful! A lot of my things have been in boxes in a storage unit since 2010 due to my not being settled, some of which I deeply missed and some of which I could scarcely remember! I'd been meaning to tackle it for some time, it was quite a task. I was mostly excited to see some of my records again, from when my collection wasn't even a collection yet; just a couple of things I'd bought here and there and pinched from my stepdad's LP collection before he got rid of it. He was quite the avid collector throughout the '70s and '80s, but lost much of it through his own moves and it was in storage for a long time before he no longer saw a reason to keep it. I managed to snag a couple of Queen and Adam Ant LPs (he had David Bowie's entire back catalogue but they'd gotten damaged in storage and were unplayable - an absolute tragedy, they were all first releases.) These few, along with a couple more I'd purchased, were the first records I ever had, before I even had a record player - just collecting some of my favourite albums by my favourite artists to enjoy the artwork and wistfully fantasising about when I'd be settled enough to collect properly and own something to play them on. I was able to begin properly collecting in 2013 and it's expanded a hell of a lot! I was tickled pink to be reunited with my small original collection at last and spent a leisurely evening playing them at full blast and organising my full collection properly by alphabet and chronologically. Bliss!

Vinyl record collection: The Move, Roger Taylor, Ringo Starr, The Beatles, Queen


  1. Ahhh such a pretty dress! My Mum was too young to fully appreciate the 70s, she likes the fact I love the 80s so haha
    I've had my stuff in storage in London/Liverpool since 2012, desperate to settle and unpack all my favourite things, I miss my books stupidly...
    I own 1 record. I'm ashamed.

  2. What an adorable dress! I love that amazing wallpaper as well, it makes for the perfect photoshoot. I lived in my house two years before I unpacked my keepsakes and little collections, I felt like I was opening a time capsule! It's wonderful to go through your old things and reminisce.

  3. The dress is too cute and looks so lovely on you! Bishop sleeves are a dream but I feel your pain when they ride up your arms. I also pick up on the western vibes of the top detailing of the dress - it looks fabulous with your necklace and I also adore the soft colours.

    How nice to be reunited with past beauties from your record collection - good on you for blaring them at top volume, they deserve to be played! Such a shame about those Bowie records though. And alphabetically and chronologically is exactly the same way I organize my collection.

  4. You are so lovely, and your outfit is just the cutest! Your record collection looks and sounds amazing, too! I've also been favoring Instagram (and sometimes twitter) lately since I've just been so overwhelmed with college to focus on my current blog posts that I'm *still* working on. It's hard enough finding the time to catch up on my blog feed as it is :(

  5. Very, very pretty look! It's so special that your mom and you share that in common. My mom grew up in the 60s and 70s, too, but as I wear the styles of the 40s and 50s mostly, we don't have that in common. I can reminisce with it a bit with my grandmas, though, especially my maternal grandma who is older than my paternal one (she's 84 years young). However neither kept their old clothes or are really into vintage things (my paternal grandma does like the look of Victorian items, though). Thankfully I've got the wonderful online vintage community to act as my vintage loving family in that respect. :)

    Have a stellar weekend, sweet gal!
    ♥ Jessica

  6. great dress! i can imagine it being made to be worn for the obsession with country music in the late 60s. Gram Parsons and those singers were making country music cool for everyone. Shame about the fit at the collar. could it be fixed maybe? with a little hook and eye? Not much can be done about the bishop sleeves. but i will keep that problem in mind when i make my own!


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