Monday, 16 March 2015

Hi, it's been a long time

...Or at least it certainly feels like one! As I previously mentioned, I spent the first week of March on the road taking fleeting trips to various locations in the South West. It was quite lovely to get away for a few days and have some little adventures, even though my health suffered and I spent most of it dreadfully ill (it's as if there's some sort of law that states if you're looking forward to something, you'll unlikely be healthy enough to fully enjoy it!). It wasn't much of a sightseeing holiday and my stops were very brief, but nevertheless I had the nicest time visiting the zoo, strolling along the beach, and doing the obligatory charity shop crawl. I also had the loveliest time stopping for a coffee with Lally who was kind enough to offer to meet with me whilst I was in the area. I took lots of photos (my film camera is still broken so alas there's none of those!) and have so much to share, so I'll be breaking things up across two posts.

Bristol was the shortest stop, I spent most of it in my car and as a result didn't get to see very much of the city. I could of seen more of it, but I decided to go to the zoo instead, a decision I don't regret in the slightest! I love zoos, though I am often skeptical of them as animal welfare is really important to me. But Bristol Zoo was absolutely beautiful and it's obvious how much they really care for their animals which was so wonderful to see!

Meerkats are my favourite animal alongside raccoons (although they've been marred for me somewhat by those horrendous adverts)

It's hard to show a sense of scale, but this guy was as big as my face.

So happy! He looked like he was swimming around smiling.

The mouse and rat section was set up to look like they were scampering around in the kitchen, inside cupboards and the microwave. Genius!

Blog title: Hi, It's Been A Long Time - Donovan
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