Friday, 3 April 2015

In our little hideaway beneath the waves

I don't know why, but I felt like I didn't want to post about my trip in consecutive entries. But life has gotten in the way and stopped me from being able to do anything else worth blogging about, so I may as well get on with talking about the rest of my travels!

Looking around Bristol Zoo only took a couple of hours and I was done very early in the afternoon, which was lucky as I had a four hour car journey ahead of me to Cornwall! I didn't feel like doing much except for sleeping once I finally reached my hotel, but I still got to spend two days down there so I didn't feel like I missed out. I explored a little of Falmouth on day one. Unfortunately I was still poorly and my energy wasn't up to much, so I only took a cursory glance around the town and spent most of the afternoon down by the beach where I could take frequent rests amongst the pretty scenery. A lot of Cornwall felt very similar to where I live now, and it was at the beach where I felt the biggest difference. Where I live the seaside is all shabby promenades, noisy arcades and neon lights, whereas there the coastline felt much more natural and peaceful so it was a lovely chilled out day.

On the second day I spent the afternoon taking a look around Truro and doing a spot of shopping. I know shopping isn't everyone's idea of fun, but I always enjoy checking out a few places when away as I find anything I buy serves as a reminder of my trip. Even if it's just something generic that could be bought anywhere in the country, it's nice to have that personal memory forever attached to it. I like it when my things have a story. Being me, I particularly enjoy checking out the local charity, vintage and record shops, and Truro didn't disappoint at all! I found some lovely things in a couple of the charity stores, including a beautiful turquoise paisley print coat from the late '60s, several vintage skirts of varying lengths, a few bits of jewellery, and the cream of the crop: a '70s model Polaroid land camera! It had it's original case which I clocked almost as soon as I entered the store, and I actually held my breath as I lifted the latch to check for the camera inside. I've been searching for one of these cameras for years, I have so many fond memories of my grandmothers Polaroid from the same era. Film was expensive even then so it would only be dragged out on special occasions, so it's become intrinsically linked with certain events of my childhood. It'll cost even more ridiculous amounts to put film in it nowadays (it's £17 for 10 photos!) but I still had to buy it, especially as I'd all but given up on thrifting a Polaroid in working condition and recently purchased a Fujifilm Instax 8 instead. Oh well, there's no such thing as too much instant film!

I very almost dismissed the record store as I was tired and it was getting a little late, but knew I'd kick myself if I didn't at least take a little look so dragged myself in not really expecting much. My goodness am I glad I did! I had the best luck I've ever had at a record store, and ended up grabbing long sought after titles in a frenzy. When I went through them all at home the next day I found some I honestly didn't have any recollection of picking up. I only got to spend 45 minutes in there, to think what I could probably have found if I'd had the chance to look properly. I didn't even get to take so much as a glance at the 45s, so god knows what treasure was hidden there. I was trying to mentally list artists I might hope to find as I flipped through the LP boxes, and forgot many which all came to me afterwards as is typical! I was thrilled with all of The Beatles and Queen records I managed to find, I'm finally getting close to completion on those collections now! The live recordings were especially exciting as I never see those for sale and I love Queen's live recordings almost as much as their studio albums, they're in constant rotation on my iPod. And I was very glad to find Queen II as it's one of my favourites, I've often mourned the fact that I didn't have it and almost resorted to eBay in desperation many times. Proof that it's worth holding off, everything comes eventually!

All in all, a good trip!


  1. I love this photos! They're so calming and fresh! also, you found some amazing records!!! so jealous/in awe of that queen II record <33333

  2. What a beautiful place :) The beach looks like it was so much fun to explore. You certainly had some real luck in those thrift stores. It's so rare to find things like that but its so exciting when you do. I'm so jealous of all those records!

  3. ah the seaside photos are so lovely. i should think that if i visited a place like that i'd never want to return.

  4. What absolutely splendid record finds! The yard sales have been rather dismal on almost all vintage fronts there for the past couple of years in particular, so I haven't added many new records to our (very modest sized) collection lately, but am hoping I'll have more luck there this spring and summer. I've never found a Beatles one at a yard sale (likely because I know that the chap who owns the local used record store hits a ton of them as early in the day as he can; ditto for the fellow who owns the used book store, though he is looking for books, naturally :)), but you never know.

    Thank you for sharing more about your lovely travels with us, dear gal. I adore seeing the seas in the spring, when there's no icy winds blowing off it and the cool blues of water and ocean are animated all the more by the return of green grass and vibrant blooms.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  5. I just stumbled upon your blog via rookie and I'm so glad I did! I really like your picture of the castle/cathedral's so great that you find the Polaroid camera; I've kind of been wanting one for a while, but I didn't even know they still sold film for them, so I thought it would be kind of a useless thing to own

  6. That sounds like a lovely trip and that's so exciting about the land camera find!

  7. Oh my goodness you found amazing records! Which record store was this? I have to visit! xx


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