Sunday, 26 July 2015

I am the drummer in a rock 'n' roll band

I'm a huge fan of Roger Taylor. He's the drummer from Queen and he also released some really fab solo work which I love just as much as Queen. Anyhoo, today Roger is 66! So in honour of that, I spent my spare time last week drawing this portrait of him.

It's the first real portrait I've done since I broke my arm, I've been kind of scared of trying in case I couldn't because of pain, etc. So I'm especially pleased with it! It's all graphite with a little bit of Posca pen for his pretty blue eyes. I then ran it through Photoshop because I can. I took some progress shots because I love seeing them from other artists. You might have to squint a bit for some of them though, graphite is a beast to try and capture under the lens due to it's reflective nature.

Happy birthday Roger!

One of my favourite versions of his songs ♥ Please don't watch the Man on Fire music video though. As much as I love Roger, his videos are kind of embarrassing.


  1. That portrait is so amazing! I wish I had that kind of skill

  2. This is stunning! I love the blue of his eyes!

  3. YOU DREW THAT? IT'S AMAZING. :) Off capitals, love that you love Ringo Starr, he was the first ever project I did for school :) xoxo

  4. Absolutely incredible art - you are so tremendously talented. I wish that I had 1/100th of your skill as an artist (alas, as I like to joke, even my stick people don't look like stick people - that's a wee exaggeration, but only barely). It's always such a joy and privilege to see anything that you create, dear Freya, thank you so much for sharing your passions with us.

    Tons of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  5. I'm sorry I'm commenting so late, but this is seriously so impressive. It seems like your drawings just get better and better and it's so cool to watch.


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