Friday, 10 July 2015

I am old but still a child

The 8th just past marked my birthday, it feels very surreal to be in in my late 20s. I guess I feel like someone of this age is supposed to be a certain way, a way in which I'm certainly not - whatever way that is. I had quite a lovely day, catching the train into the city with my mum for a shopping trip and lunch at Frankie & Benny's.

I took the opportunity to just wear a bunch of my current favourite things. The dress I made myself from a 1967 pattern using West African Java fabric I picked up from the thrift shop. I had hoped to line the print up properly and have the circles meeting perfectly either side of the centre pleat, but unfortunately I didn't have enough fabric to be so finicky. I think it still looks OK though! The sandals are my current summer staple, the bangle I picked up on my trip to Cornwall earlier in the year (I do love when items remind of special times such as holidays), the necklace is a 1964 original and my bag was a recent purchase from Jump From Paper. I've wanted one of these bags for a long time, they're so fun and I love the pop art feel it gives. I decorated my nails in a cartoon pattern to match.

I was lucky enough to receive all of the above, as well as an external hard drive and a fancy coffee machine - now I can have proper Costa coffee in the comfort of my own home, what bliss! I also bought myself some sunflowers because they never fail to bring a smile to my face (and they remind me of one of my favourite artists, Vincent van Gogh)

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