Friday, 3 July 2015

I know a little town

I had a lazy sort of day today, where I finished my work shift at 2pm and found myself with no plans. So on a whim I decided to pay a visit my favourite town which lies half an hour away. It's a quaint little country town renowned for it's antiques with barely a high street name to be seen. Bliss! I always enjoy taking a few hours to have a good dig through the huge selection of vintage and antiques on offer. Most of the stores are about 50% junk, 25% over priced, and 25% pure treasure with many things stacked up high above my head, I always have the time of my life sorting through it all. There are also a few dealers that specialise in '60s and '70s clothing and home wares, as well as a few record vendors and it's in these areas that I can mostly be found.

I managed to find a few things of interest. A vintage clothing dealer had everything marked at a 50% discount and I managed to find this lovely dress. It was marked as being from the 1940s and I'm certainly no expert on '40s fashion but from the construction I judge this is more likely to be an '80s-does-'40s dress but I could be wrong. I don't care either way, it won me over with it's scalloped hems and dusky blue colour. It nips in at the waist before flaring out again to fall just below the knee. Call me crazy, but it gave me Alice in Wonderland vibes and I'm such a fan of Alice that that reason alone meant I had to snap it up!

I also found a couple of records, I almost always lucky on this front each time I visit.

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