Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Castles in the sky sit stranded, vandalized

"This is not your average sugar-coated fantasyland selling scrapings from the Hollywood floor. No, we couldn't afford the license for that. Instead this is an attempt to build a different type of family day out - one that sends out a more appropriate message to the next generation - sorry kids. Sorry about the lack of meaningful jobs, global injustice and Channel 5. The fairytale is over, the world is sleepwalking towards climate catastrophe, maybe all that escapism will have to wait."
I knew I had to visit Dismaland as soon as I heard about it, it incorporates just about everything I love: art, Disney, dilapidated theme parks and social commentary. I had a bit of a palava getting there (and home again) due to train delays, and then when I was queuing up to get in a full on car accident happened directly outside of it (no one was hurt!). So I was certainly feeling suitably dismal before I even went in.

I'd pre-booked my ticket online so didn't have a long wait ahead of me, and it wasn't long before I was in 'airport security'. I tried to take photos, but as it was the entrance you had to move through pretty quickly so it was difficult. As I took my camera out, one of the 'security guards' came up to me and ominously warned "I wouldn't do that if I were you, you're not going to want to remember today." (which was hard to take seriously in such a broad Bristolian accent tbh)

Obviously it's an art installation so it's not that big, I wasn't sure how long it would take me to get round the whole place but I ended up staying there for 6 hours. There's just so much to look at and I was so aware that this was my only chance to see it that I wanted to make sure I soaked up every last little detail. I'm generally not keen on a lot of modern art, but almost everything there grabbed my interest. I've always appreciated Banksy because he's not pretentious, which the art field often is very much so. I have a lot of distaste of the whole ideas surrounding "highbrow" and "lowbrow" art, it's both incredibly classist and ableist. Art should be accessible for everybody, not just a privileged few who smugly "get it".

All quotes by Banksy.

"The ladies love a cheeky chap! They love a bad boy too. And I'm such a cheeky boy I'll beat you black and blue! With my motley and my jester's hat and my chin just like a gavel, perhaps I might remind you of a bad boy Jimmy Saville?

That's the way to do it! A lovely bit of fun! A playful little 'love-tap', that's the way it's done! That's the way to do it! A side effect of passion. How sad that being all PC is now the modern fashion. You know she loves it really. It's banter in a way. And who bought all those copies of Fifty Shades of Grey? The ladies, bless their little hearts, so no more crying about damaged body parts

"It’s modelled on those failed Christmas parks that pop up every December – where they stick some antlers on an Alsatian dog and spray fake snow on a skip. It’s ambitious, but it’s also crap. I think there’s something very poetic and British about all that."

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Seaside rendezvous

I forgot to post these photos sooner, but back on July 1st when we had a heatwave in the UK I thought it'd be really nice to spend it at the seaside. I had this image in my head of paddling in the sea to cool down and stuffing myself silly with ice cream. Idyllic, right? Unfortunately it never quite turns out how you want it to. I jumped in my car and drove to my nearest resort, Skegness. And it was freezing. OK maybe not freezing, it was sunny but not the 27°C promised. I mooched around for a couple of hours, then went home and sat in the garden where it was significantly hotter.

I stood watching this thing for a ridiculously long time. I can't explain why and I'm sure it's perfectly safe, but there feels something shady about a flume ride on a parking lot. I enjoyed watching it go round and round though.

Took pictures of my bag because it felt too perfect not too. It's by Betsey Johnson and when I saw it, it completely obsessed me until I bought it. It's not sold in the UK so I had to order from Macy's who I can't recommend strongly enough as my order went wrong and they bent over backwards to fix it for me. Isn't he perfect? I love nautical themes, especially crabs because I'm a cancer.

I love the tacky crap they sell at the seaside. It's a special kind of tat that can't be bought anywhere else.

Watching the ocean soothes me.

Friday, 11 September 2015

In my room

I'm all moved in! It's been a truly exhausting couple of days, using far more of my energy resources than I even had and I look like I've been attacked from how many bruises I've gotten from moving stuff that's too heavy for me. But it's done! I'm here and unpacked. I've got my room mostly how I like it. It doesn't feel like home yet, but it definitely feels homely and like my own little sanctuary so hopefully once I'm just more settled in to the area it'll evolve into feeling like home. Home is just a state of mind.

I was really dreading the coloured wall before I moved in, but it's ended up suiting my decor perfectly and I'm really pleased with it. Despite being rented, I feel like I've managed to make the place very me. In fact looking at it it's probably hard to believe I moved in only four days ago! I've captioned most of the photos because I think things are more interesting with context, but skip over if that's not your thing.

I personally think rugs are the best way to make a rented place feel cosy and like your own. And they don't have to be expensive either - the shagpile is from Ikea and the stripey one from Aldi. The throw on my chair is from Urban Outfitters, but I don't recommend it as it took 3 months to arrive and they were incredibly unapologetic about the shoddy service.

I hate myself for how much I spent on that candle, but I really love cinnamon. The two vases are vintage 1970s.

My absolute favourite corner of my room. The shelf is supporting 250 records which I thought was pushing my luck but *touch wood* it's holding.

Watermelon bunting is from the party section at Tesco, I love how well it matches the wall. My bedding and cushions are vintage and probably a fire hazard as it's all 100% polyester. I have a Pink Floyd poster I'm considering hanging on that door, but I don't want the place to look too cluttered so I'm undecided.

The record playing is Hot Fuss by The Killers. I'm always curious by those things, so there you go.

More stationary pots. I have so many art supplies that I'm really anal about keeping them organised and accessible. You can't really see in this photo, but the one that looks frosted white has a crab on it. I like collecting things with crabs on because I'm Cancerian.

Most of my dresser stuff is vintage, either from vintage malls or eBay. The yellow chest holds my jewellery and is from a Japanese brand called Swimmer - you can buy from them abroad with a shopping service.

Please excuse the raggy little dog, he's my friend since babyhood and I didn't want to hurt his feelings by hiding him away. I kept seeing these light up rabbits (which I loved for the Alice in Wonderland vibes) in Urban Outfitters for £8, then I found this identical one in the sale section of Primark for 50p. Lava lamp is from Argos. Blue cart is from Ikea.

Photo above is interactive, hover over it to read more.

I'm a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland for personal reasons, maybe I'll touch upon why in a future entry. I'm a Lewis Carroll purist, but the Disney film is my exception and I adore it. I picked up Alice from Disneyland Paris, she's wonderfully detailed. I love the '80s aesthetic of my Pioneer amplifier.

I don't wear my Beatles dress much, but it makes perfect decor.

My pin board isn't done in a way I'm 100% happy with yet, but I think it's the kind of thing that needs to evolve by itself as I collect things to tack on it. At the moment it's mostly portraits I've drawn, some framed and some not. The Beatles thing is a vintage tea towel (some of the things they had, really). The Alice in Wonderland sign is made of tin from Truffle Shuffle, I'm particularly fond it because it's the design that was on the front of my VHS case of the film when I was little. The big Queen thing is actually a patch to put on the back of your jacket, but that's not really my style so I keep it on the wall. The pennant is of Ringo Starr and is a reproduction I got on eBay. And there's a vintage newspaper clipping from 1981 advertising Roger Taylor's album Fun in Space.

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