Sunday, 13 September 2015

Seaside rendezvous

I forgot to post these photos sooner, but back on July 1st when we had a heatwave in the UK I thought it'd be really nice to spend it at the seaside. I had this image in my head of paddling in the sea to cool down and stuffing myself silly with ice cream. Idyllic, right? Unfortunately it never quite turns out how you want it to. I jumped in my car and drove to my nearest resort, Skegness. And it was freezing. OK maybe not freezing, it was sunny but not the 27°C promised. I mooched around for a couple of hours, then went home and sat in the garden where it was significantly hotter.

I stood watching this thing for a ridiculously long time. I can't explain why and I'm sure it's perfectly safe, but there feels something shady about a flume ride on a parking lot. I enjoyed watching it go round and round though.

Took pictures of my bag because it felt too perfect not too. It's by Betsey Johnson and when I saw it, it completely obsessed me until I bought it. It's not sold in the UK so I had to order from Macy's who I can't recommend strongly enough as my order went wrong and they bent over backwards to fix it for me. Isn't he perfect? I love nautical themes, especially crabs because I'm a cancer.

I love the tacky crap they sell at the seaside. It's a special kind of tat that can't be bought anywhere else.

Watching the ocean soothes me.

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