Thursday, 29 October 2015

I am the shadow on the moon at night filling your dreams to the brim with fright

I love this time of year, it really allows me to embrace everything I love without getting the side eye. In autumn I can throw cinnamon on everything that passes my lips, wax lyrical about my favourite writers all of whom are all horror based, there's an abundance of horror films to be watched on Netflix, and my plum lipstick is suddenly declared seasonal and "on point". But I confess to liking after October even better. I know the internet world is obsessed with Halloween, but personally I'm a bigger fan of Christmas. Twinkling lights everywhere makes my heart happy, watching fireworks and burning effigies with my hands full of hot chestnuts, an excuse to dress up in what is otherwise snobbishly declared "tacky" clothing choices of bright colours and glitter. Being chilled to the bone between November and December is more acceptable as I'm still excited to be wrapped up in coats and hats. There's just such a feeling of magic in the air between September - December and I love it oh so much.

I'm kind of stuck in the middle right now, of wanting to squeeze every last drop out of October and embracing everything spooky and wanting to throw tinsel at everything. I'm marathoning horror films most nights, enjoying the "spooky" make up shades that are currently easily available, and preparing myself for the sudden absence of the pumpkin spice latte from my life. I also bought The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack on vinyl which I've been spinning obsessively (even that film is caught between the two seasons of Halloween and Christmas, maybe that's part of why I love it so?) But then today I purchased these amazing shoes, and I've been sorting through my glittery make up supplies so I'm ready to go wild as soon as is acceptable and worrying I don't have enough snowmen earrings to last me through.

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