Wednesday, 11 November 2015

London town

The week before last, on a bit of a whim, I decided that I just had to visit London. It's my home and I hadn't been in a few years and felt like playing tourist. I arranged to go by coach which saved me a lot of money, but my was it exhausting! I had to get up at 2.30am and I'd only managed to get an hours sleep before that. I managed to get two more uncomfortable hours on the coach, but exhaustion and lack of spoons was definitely an issue throughout the day. I still had a wonderful time though!

Spookily just after I'd booked my coach ticket I received an email from Orla Kiely's mailing list letting me know there was going to be a warehouse clearance in London on the day I just happened to be going. How exciting! I'd never been to a designer clearance and didn't know what to expect, but decided I'd be a fool not to go and at least look, especially as it was on my way anyway. I truly wasn't expecting to buy anything, but I underestimated just how cheap everything would be (for Orla clothes, anyway!) Who can resist £200+ dresses being sold for £40 each?? I'd of been mad not to! I bought two, and the most beautiful handbag of my dreams which was reduced by 85% on account of it's broken strap, which I'm hoping can be fixed by my dad. I know this will become my every day bag, it's the most perfect size and I feel it's yellow shade will go with everything. Such beautiful things, I still can't quite believe my luck.

Afterwards I headed to Camden where the first record shop I wanted to visit was located. I visited three different shops, and picked up some amazing things! I actually found it difficult to decide on several occasions, as there were so many records I could of happily spent my money on. I was particularly excited with finding the Jimi Hendrix LPs. It's a double from the early 70s featuring both Are You Experienced and Axis: Bold as Love. I've wanted these for the longest time, but they're both difficult to find. I hadn't realised it was a double LP until I checked the discs, I'd already decided to buy it thinking it was just Are You Experienced alone so I flipped in my shoes seeing it was Axis: Bold As Love too. Odessey and Oracle is another that I've never been able to find in the flesh before either, so it was a lucky day indeed! I have to say, my record collection has really started coming together and being something I'm deeply proud of this past year, I can't tell you how happy that makes me!

My lunch, which was too yummy not to share! Mini pancakes smothered in warm Nutella, and I was kindly given an extra 5 pancakes for free for waiting so patiently while it cooked. I could barely move after eating so much, but it was worth it!

After I was done at Camden, I was actually beginning to get quite tired and didn't want to tempt myself further so decided to give the other record stores a miss. I mooched around the Stables for a little bit, and then headed on over to Covent Garden so I could visit the Moomin store in the hope I might find something Hemulen related. I love Moomins, but the Hemulen in particular has always been of huge personal importance to me as I basically am the Hemulen. But the trouble is because they're a rather minor character it's really hard to find anything of them. So I was delighted to find this figurine, especially as it was near the end when I'd all but given up. He's made from a fuzzy material like Sylvanian Families, I'm glad to have him sitting on my desk.

Because it was Halloween day, many people were dressed up or wearing ghoulish accessories which made me smile. Halloween isn't a big thing here, and Londoners have a tendency to take themselves a bit too seriously (which I say as a born and bred Londoner myself!) so it was refreshing to see so much silliness. To round off the day I even saw the RAF Red Arrows fly over as I was enjoying a much needed coffee.

I really enjoyed taking an impromptu day trip, and knowing how cheaply it can be done has really inspired me to make the most of whats to be had in the UK. I don't wish to jinx it, but I'm really hoping for my next trip early next year I might be able to finally make it up to Liverpool and do all the nerdy Beatles things I've always wanted to do. Fun!

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