Saturday, 21 November 2015

Ringo I love you, yeah yeah yeah

I really love Ringo Starr. I like The Beatles as a whole, but honestly I love Ringo more than I do The Beatles and arguably would never have even gotten into The Beatles if it weren't for Ringo. He's just at that next level, much more than simply being my favourite band member, y'know? I even spent 6 months making a zine about him last year, trying to condense my feelings into 28 pages that would hopefully do him justice. When I loose faith in the world and consider living out the rest of my days as a bitter hermit, I remember Ringo is out there and begin to feel better. He's just the loveliest human who's always tried to spread peace and happiness wherever he goes. He's been walked all over, put up with all kinds of crap from all kinds of sources including his friends, is regularly disrespected as a musician despite his major accomplishments, has had his own health betray him on numerous occasions, and hasn't let any of it turn him into a douche and still believes in trying to make the world a better place. I look up to him as inspiration enormously, I feel a motherly affection towards him like I need to protect him at all costs even though he's, what, three times older than me? And obviously there's the fangirl lust. Which a lot of people don't get, they call him ugly but I can only presume these people don't have eyes because damn son.

And if his smile doesn't melt your heart then there's obviously something wrong with you.

I got an email through yesterday from his mailing list informing that he's selling a bunch of his stuff in an auction. That probably makes this sound like a sponsored post, but it's in fact me weeping over the fact these iconic things of his are up for grabs and way out of my budget. Like this isn't some throw away thing he's used once for advertising sake, these are his personal belongings dating from way way back. Jewellery, clothing, instruments. I keep imagining if I bought his clothing I'd know what he smells like, is that way creepy?? Probably.

These are his rings that he wore throughout his entire career as a Beatle and beyond. If you look at his fingers in any picture of him from the '60s you'll be looking at these rings. That's so amazing to me that these are for sale it blows my mind.

The suit he wore in A Hard Day's Night, and the famous oyster black pearl drum kit he bought in 1963 from Drum City with Brian Epstein. This is the drum kit, that became an iconic part of both his and The Beatles' image, the one he played on the Ed Sullivan show among many many others throughout the years, that he continued to use throughout the Beatles entire career until it fell into the hands of Paul McCartney in the 1970s and lived on his farm in Scotland and was used throughout Wings before he eventually gave it back to Ringo. And it's up for sale to the public, can you wrap your head around that?? I can't!

This is just the tip of the iceberg, he's selling literally hundreds of things spanning his entire life time. I spent yesterday evening crying over it all.

Unrelated and coincidentally, I also drew Ringo recently:

The quote above it is by Ringo and reads: “I want to make the world a better place. This is why I do all this. I just put out what I put out, which is to be more understanding and more giving every day, and it rubs off great. My fantasy is that one minute, one day, one month, one year, the whole world will go peace and love. And you never know. It could come true.”

I hope it comes true too, Ringo. And I hope when it does, people mean it.


  1. Aw, I love Ringo! I always felt bad that he was most under-appreciated Beatle, especially when it comes to his talent. He's just such a sweet soul!

  2. okay wow, Ringo is just my absolute fave. i just don't understand why more people do not love him unconditionally like you and i do.
    and okay wow also that gif is perfect.

  3. Ahh bb Ringo was my fave Beatle as a kid. I made a whole project about him when I was five and we had to do presentations on our favourite role models. Favourite's probably John Lennon now, but Ringo's adorable :) xoxo

  4. Ringo is such a cutie, it's hard not to love him!


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