Monday, 9 November 2015

The scarf problem

Scarves are something that I really love, but I always feel pretty awkward about wearing. They come in such pretty designs which barely show when folded up and worn, I'm never sure what neckline best compliments it, or the best way in which is should be styled. I usually take inspiration from my beloved Syd Barrett and wear them with a shirt, but I fancied a change.

I've had this vintage Queen scarf for longer than I know. It's a real thing of beauty, with their intricate crest design proudly centre piece in gold. As much as I love a good band shirt, I really love when bands release other clothing methods you can show your devotion. But how to wear it? So I decided to take inspiration from my favourite member of Queen; Roger Taylor was quite fond of a scarf himself, and this particular outfit was inspired by his neckerchiefed look at 1981's Montreal show. I also followed him by keeping it simple with all black, with just the pop of colour on my legs (which was supposed to match the pop of blue in the scarf design which mostly got hidden in the folds of fabric. Oh well!)

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