Friday, 4 December 2015

So here it is, Merry Christmas, everybody's having fun

I know some killjoys will groan seeing such festivity so early in the month, but I couldn't care less. Christmas makes me so happy and if people begrudge that, well they're not very nice people! I've been itching to bust out this jumper, I bought it in the sale in February discounted from £45 to £5! I knew I'd be smug about it come December and I wasn't wrong, it's such a soft, snuggly knit. My shoes were bought from Asos early last month, being an early bird definitely paid off there too as they're nearly sold out! I had to size up and they still pinch (I've never been able to get on with pointy toes) but I'm happy to persevere as they're just too perfect!

I had an exhausting day yesterday, having to travel 350 miles to attend a review for my university needs. I was up long before the sun at 4am, just to pop to Lincoln for a few hours and come back again. The highlight though was I got to see my mum! She traveled out there and we had lunch together and wandered round the Christmas market. I hadn't seen her since September and have been feeling terribly homesick so I really appreciated it. Lincoln is so beautiful at Christmas time too, my phone snapshots do it absolutely no justice.

I'm so excited at the moment, next week I'm going to Disneyland, then I'm going straight home for two weeks. This feels like the best Christmas ever! Sometimes the holidays can be a bit disappointing, they pass and you wonder what the fuss is even about. I think the fact this Christmas feels like it has a start and end date (the date I go to Disney to the date I come back in January) and I'm doing things makes the world of difference and I couldn't be happier. I tried packing my suitcase this week as I'm so eager to go, but unfortunately I couldn't get very far as I still have to use my things in the meantime haha. Tomorrow I collect my Euros, it's becoming real!

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