Sunday, 14 February 2016

His clothes are loud, but never square

Yesterday I took a trip into Bristol (which turned out to be further away than I realised, ha!) for Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair. I'd been to a Judy's event last year in Lincoln, and as I had some savings burning a hole in my pocket figured it'd be a worth while outing and how right I was!

I didn't take any outfit photos myself, but I did get my photo taken by someone at the event which got posted to their Instagram. Thankfully one of my followers recognised me and was kind enough to let me know, I tend to be oblivious to these things! Excuse the weird hand action, I was holding a tote under my cape.

Photo kindly taken by Vix's partner Jon. Excuse my iPhone quality but I was reluctant to lug my huge DSLR about!

The biggest highlight of the day was meeting the magnificent Vix! I booked my train ticket in January before I knew she'd be taking her vintage store Kinky Melon, so it was really exciting getting to meet her, and she's even lovelier in real life if that's even possible. It's always a bit nervewracking meeting people for the first time, but I needn't of worried at all and it made my day getting to meet and chat to her. Vintage Vixon is one of my favourites, not only does she have great style but she has a refreshing no-cares-given attitude which is so inspiring, so definately go give her a follow if you don't already.

Naturally Vix's stall is where most of my money went. It's pretty cool sorting through her rails and seeing bits that you recognise from her blog!

'60s suede jerkin from Kinky Melon. I have far too big a collection of waistcoats and jerkins, and love to add more when I see them. They're a great way to change up an outfit, and add quite a bit of warmth. I don't have any in burgandy and as soon as I saw it I knew of several things I wanted to wear it with so it was a must buy.

The skirt is another Kinky Melon purchase. I used to have one not too dissimilar that I bought in Kenya, but it was many years ago and it got lost somewhere along the way but I love how this one reminds me of it. I've been after a black folk style dress for a while, something that wasn't too dull for being black but would serve as a good base to really show my colourful waistcoats and things off. I bought this from Tallula Vintage. I loved this maxi skirt from Baboushka but honestly didn't expect it to fit me and ummed and ahhed but decided I liked it enough regardless and it would be simple enough to alter. Turns out I don't need to! It's strange but I always seem to imagine I'm bigger than I really am. I avoid magazines and mainstream media like the plague, but beauty ideals still manage to trickle down.

I've been really into capes since getting my floral one, and have been on the look out for a woollen one that's less heavy and suitable as a light coverup on chillier days. This brown mohair one is quite simple, but I just fell in love with it for some reason. I like that I can wear it undone more like a shawl, or buttoned like a proper cape.

And this maxi dress was another buy from Kinky Melon. I'm barefoot, which is nicely hidden. I actually like being barefoot and am for most of summer, but I walked over 8 miles yesterday and no one needs to see how battered my feet are! I got a little lost coming out of the station, and despite wearing my comfiest shoes they got so sodden from the rain that even they couldn't defend me from blisters galore.

Now I just wish this nasty weather would clear up so I can wear everything in all it's glory without the need to bundle up! I saw the papers are threatening severe weather warnings and most of Devon is underwater at the moment so unfortunately it doesn't look likely. And here I had hoped the mild winter so far might mean an early summer (a girl can dream!).


  1. you look SO LOVELY in these colors. I just adore how the first outfit matches your hair.
    Looks like such a lovely time!! Oh the patterns and designs!!

  2. It was an absolute joy to meet you, Freya! I was thrilled that you found a few things on our rails that took your fancy. The patchwork dress is an absolute dream on you and I'm so happy it's found the rightful home (yours!)
    Hope your feet feel loads better soon and sincerely hope the weather improves, Cardiff was positively Baltic yesterday. xxxx

  3. This sounds like such a fun time! When the weather gets warmer there are usually a few of these types of events that pop up around the city, and I am so looking forward to them. The weather has been quite dreadful here as well. You picked some really lovely items, I like the jerkin a lot!

  4. Popped over from have the most awesome hair!
    She is wonderful, isn't she? Glad you got to meet her!
    Love the wool cape and that patchwork dress if fab on you.

  5. I found your blog via Vix :) Sounds like that vintage market was amazing, such good finds! Especially that patchwork dress. Love the green mermaid hair and your cape xo


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