Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Green is the colour

This dress was something that came together quite by accident and it's probably my favourite thing I've sewn to date! I never, ever have any luck with thrifting vintage sewing patterns, so in the past I've always had to try and seek out one that I like the look of online which is no easy task as there's often far too many to even go through. However when visiting my favourite charity shop recently they unexpectedly had a box full of patterns from the 60s-80s many of which just so happened to be in my size! At only 50p each I snaffled up a bundle that took my fancy. A few days later I was visiting a vintage store a few towns over and I noticed they had off cuts of vintage fabric available for £1 a piece. Naturally I grabbed all of the crimplene, some of it is just so beautifully patterned and still waiting to be used on something perfect but as soon as I saw these two greens I had an idea with my earlier patterns!

Whilst I do love the maxi dress pictured, I'm much more of a mini skirt girl and confess I mostly bought the pattern for those wonderful sleeves and ruffle bib so decided to combine it with elements of the second mini dress pattern. It was genuinely frankensteined and I wasn't sure how well it'd pull together, but thankfully it did and all the pieces fit! Sometimes winging it does work!

All in all this dress cost £3.50 - £2 for both fabrics, £1 for the patterns and 50p for a zip (which coincidentally is a genuine '60s vintage metal one. I'm not that pretentious, it's just all they have at the market and why spend more on a new one?) Whoever said sewings an expensive pastime is a bold faced liar.

I'm so in love with these sleeves. I was slightly concerned they might not meet my puffy expectations as things never look as voluminous unworn but I needn't of worried. The patterned crimplene is a much thinner fabric than the green on the bottom half so it flows just wonderfully and is the perfect blousey material. I made the buttons the same fabric as the skirt to tie it in a little as the greens aren't a perfect match (but I personally think compliment each other just right) Unfortunately it means the buttons kind of blend in to the busy pattern, but I still like it.

I didn't add any interfacing into the cuffs simply because I didn't have any but I don't think they look like they needed it. I had fully intended for the buttons on the cuffs to be functional, but because I have skinny wrists the sleeves were turning out too big so I just slip stitched them shut and can slide my hand in no problem.

What do you think?


  1. Love the colors and pattern ! The perfect dress !

  2. That dress looks amazing! I think if you did use interfacing on the cuffs, I think the top might of been puffier.... maybe. I betcha the dress looks more amazing in person.


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