Monday, 6 June 2016

She's often inclined to borrow somebody's dreams till tomorrow

I keep seeing UK bloggers posting about the EU referendum which is making me happy, I can't stand when people are apathetic about such important issues. It's particularly important in a vote like this because the older generation WILL vote and it's something that's going to affect younger generations futures a heck of a lot more than it will theirs. My postal vote came in on Friday and I sent it back with a big ✘ in the remain box. There's many reasons I want to stay in the EU (I don't trust our government to give them full power mainly, as a disabled person I know we'll be one of the first groups to get shafted) but I despise that so much of the "out" argument is just thinly veiled racism and entirely based on scaremongering and selfishness.

I popped into town the other day as there was a record fair I had marked on my calendar. I've not actually been to a record fair before, only record stores, so I didn't even know where it was and ended up getting a little lost! I got there just an hour before it closed so I no doubt missed all of the best things, but saying that I still had a hard time deciding. I took only a little money with me so I wouldn't be tempted to overspend as I know how weak my willpower is around vinyl and naturally saw several on my want list. I had hoped I might finally find an original copy of The Piper At The Gates of Dawn which is Pink Floyd's first LP when Syd Barrett was with them. It's more psychedelic than later Pink Floyd albums and my favourite, I've been on the hunt for it for years. Unfortunately I didn't find The Piper At The Gates of Dawn, but I did find A Nice Pair, a compilation of their first two albums, Piper and A Saucerful of Secrets (which also features Syd Barrett). So I kind of got what I was after and wasn't going to turn it down! It'll certainly do for now. It's an original pressing from 1973 and completely faultless condition. I also found The Autumn Stone by Small Faces, another album high on my want list and on the original Immediate label too but I passed it up in favor of A Nice Pair. I felt The Autumn Stone would be easier to come across again at some point, also it's just a compilation and I already have a Small Faces compilation so it felt less urgent.

There was also an international market on in the town centre which I stumbled across by accident. It could very well have been advertised, I tend to be oblivious to most things! It was huge with rows upon rows of marquees set out. Most of it was food based with all kinds of European street food on offer, but I particularly liked a handmade jewellery stall full of brass and gemstone jewellery. Although a bit skint, I decided I just had to have a certain ring that seemed to call my name. I tried to leave it, but it played on my mind too much and I had to go back.

It's quite simple, a pyramid point of yellow onyx in a brass setting. There were other, prettier rings on offer, but as I said this one just seemed to call me. My mum used to own a gemstone shop which I used to help out in at weekends, so crystals are something I know a bit about. In fact I have a box full of raw stones which I love to get out and admire every now and then: pieces of moldavite, Whitby jet, blue topaz and amber in their natural forms. It's said that a crystal chooses you, not the other way around - each has certain properties and they come into your life as you need them. I used to scoff at this idea, but I felt a stone vibrating of it's own accord once and haven't been so quick to scorn since. Call me silly, but this stone definitely chose me.

I looked up the properties of onyx. It's a stone of inner strength, persistence, emotional stability and logic - definitely areas I need help with! I just love it though, I think it's such a beautiful and unusual ring in it's simplicity and unusual shape. I can't stop admiring it on my hand. I usually wear rings on six fingers, but have taken them all off in favour of this one for now which really goes to show how smitten I am with it!


  1. What a gorgeous ring. Good choice. And your taste in music is sound (pardon the pun).

  2. Loving that ring. I'm fairly supportive of the current government and I'm voting Remain in the referendum (I've actually been campaigning for Stronger In this week.) It's cool to see it actually being talked about, because sometimes it feels like young people see the referendum as this far-off, distant phenomenon that doesn't really affect them.
    Tumblr 2-@strangetimesinwestminster

  3. I live in the USA, and my news feeds have been flooded with articles about England staying in the EU and the current presidential race. It does seem to be a battle of older generations vs younger generations. It seems to make sense to stay in the EU from what I am reading.


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