Saturday, 18 June 2016

Someone's painting and I think it's me

I think all artists can relate to that feeling of lacking inspiration for large periods of time, and then suddenly having a burst of energy where you want to create all of the things. I've been so bogged down with drawing things for my university course that I haven't even wanted to draw in my spare time for a long period, so I'm thrilled to be back drawing for myself. I've also begun publishing "speed draw" videos for my YouTube channel which has been great motivation. Portraits are one of my favourite things to draw so naturally it's what I've been focusing on.

Freddie was the first to be drawn, I'd been itching to draw '80s Freddie for a while as I'd never drawn him with his moustache before. I'm always apprehensive of drawing facial hair, but really it's not that difficult.

Almost immediately after I then drew Roger Taylor, who definitely benefited from the warm up that drawing Freddie provided as I think he came out much better. In fact this is probably one of my favourite drawings. Now I really need to draw Brian May as he's the only member of Queen I've never drawn a proper portrait of which makes me feel guilty!

The other day I drew this picture of Donovan which really needs to have the photo retaken as it does the drawing no justice, I didn't realise how bad the lighting was. It was just a quick draw so it's a little less polished than the other two, it was more an experiment with adding the design aspects.


  1. Freya! First of all, love the new blog. Secondly, I'm in awe! These are amazing. I can't stop staring at them and grinning. You're extremely talented! And look at Donovan! Agh he's so adorable I want to scream


  2. Your drawings are absolutely incredible, you are so talented! The eyes are so expressive, it's my favorite part. I know what you mean about doing art for yourself versus other people.. I did a big jewelry commission once and it had me so burnt out I couldn't even look at my art supplies for a few months afterward! But it really is a great feeling when your inspiration comes back.


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