Friday, 17 June 2016

Vintage Q&A

I saw this on Chronically Vintage and it looked like fun so thought I'd fill in my own answers! It's not a tag, so feel free to snag it yourself and be sure to leave a link if you do I can have a nosy.

1. What is one antique/vintage/retro item you’d never want to receive as a gift or would never think of purchasing?

There really is a lot when you include antique items as that just about covers anything that's ever been made (if you didn't know: an antique item is anything that's over 100 years old. Items that are anywhere between 99-20 years old are vintage. Newer than 20 years is retro.) But I think I'll put anything to do with the military, particularly of the Nazi variety. I think it's important to keep this stuff for the purposes of history and learning, but I wouldn't want it in my home.

2. What are three movies made in pre-70’s Hollywood you’ve never seen and want to see?

I'm always on the look out for Lon Chaney movies I haven't seen, he's my favourite actor and a lot of his films are lost due to them being so old (they're silent). There's a lot of popular '60s movies I just haven't gotten round to yet also, I'm honestly terrible for getting around to watching new movies as I usually just rotate my favorites.

3. What are three movies made in pre-70’s Hollywood you’ve seen and will never watch again?

Citizen Kane is the first one to come to mind, I watched it years ago to see what the fuss was and it went over my head completely. I can't think of any others specifically, if a film sucks I tend to erase it from my memory.

4. What is one antique/vintage/retro item you own, but never imagined you would?

My Beatles dress! It's my most prized possession, and one I never thought I'd actually be lucky enough to ever find, I mean these things are kept in museums!! And I found it for a steal. I still pinch myself when I see it hanging on the front of my wardrobe. I really want to wear it out some time, but I haven't had the opportunity yet.

5. What is one thing you do relating to vintage you never pictured yourself doing?

Honestly, digging through junk. I'm a 100% germaphobe, the type of person that keeps wet wipes and antibacterial sanitizer in her handbag at all times. If something looks icky, I won't touch it. And before I became interested in vintage I was horrified at the very idea of secondhand and junk shops! But then I realised what treasures they held and that became more important, hands can be washed after all!

Also another big one is wearing secondhand shoes. I hate feet to the point of almost being afraid of them and the idea of wearing someone elses shoes used the squick me out really badly. Now I honestly don't even give it a second thought, and not just vintage shoes but any secondhand shoe. Maybe I'm getting better!

6. If you could never dress outside a specific decade of the past again, what decade would you choose?

The 1960s, obviously. It also features a hell of a lot of scope when you think about it. From the full skirted and formal suited looks at the very beginning of the decade, to mod fashion, up through to the hippies. If you only dressed in clothes from the '60s you could still pretty much wear any style you wanted.

7. What is one thing you could never bring yourself to do to an antique/vintage/retro item?

Cut it up! It horrifies me. That dress from the '60s that you think is ugly as is but would look cute when you've hacked in a new neckline and taken two feet off the hem? That dress is a piece of history, it's 50 years old. It's not some tat from Topshop where there's 50 million of them about for the next person to buy, supplies of that exact dress (or any item!) are severely limited and becoming less and less as time goes on as others will become damaged and unwearable. By all means move a seam so it fits you better, make little temporary alterations here and there, and if something has already been worn to rags do what you like with it. But taking a vintage item that's survived perfectly intact for goodness knows how many years and hacking it up into whatevers in vogue at the moment is just incredibly selfish and short sighted to my mind. I'm sorry but it's something I feel really passionately about, I think of vintage as little pieces of history and there won't be any little pieces of history left for future generations to enjoy if we wreck it all! Supplies are finite so if you don't like something as it is, leave it for someone who does.

It also really bothers me when I see these house makeover TV shows and they rip out all of the original features. They'll buy a house that was built in the '60s or '70s and tear down stone chimney places, rip off wooden cladding and smash up tiled floors. It's like watching vandalism to me. I get it's not to everybodies taste, but then they make every single house a bland white box with no character at all and I don't understand why that's preferable? Again these things are irreplaceable and becoming ever fewer.

8. Is there an antique/vintage/retro item you own that you would never give up?

Quite a lot! My Beatles dress for one, I also have a rare '80s Queen jacket that's my pride and joy. All of my beaded '60s jewellery that belonged to my aunt (she traveled extensively in the late '60s/early '70s and it's all from her travels). And I don't know if my records count, but I definitely have several of those that will never be leaving my collection.

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