Sunday, 31 July 2016

The sun is the same in a relative way, but you're older

It was my birthday earlier this month, I've had the photos and kept meaning to post about it but time just kept running away from me! Not that I've been particularly busy, you just know how it is sometimes.

I spent the day at the shopping centre with my mum so I could pick out some gifts, we had a lovely day and stopped by Frankie & Benny's for a delicious lunch but I unfortunately came home empty handed. The high street just never inspires me anymore. We had a family meal out that evening where I dressed up in my favourite '60s dress, and a few days later we hit the antiques shops so I could spend my money and I found some treasures.

All of my outfit is vintage.

I found this '60s suede bag which really is the perfect size. I usually use my Orla Kiely bag everyday, but I can't fit larger things in it like a bottle of drink or my sketchbook so I've been using this bag constantly since getting it! It's really perfect colours for me too, and suits so many outfits and styles. I liked how the '60s shoes matched, and was delighted they fit as they looked on the tiny side but I tried them on anyway in hope and was rewarded. The sole is completely clean and free from scratches, so I'm pretty sure they're deadstock. They're very fancy quality too, real leather and made in Italy.

I saw this knitted vest on top of a dress on a hanger displaying an outfit idea. I adored the dress, it was a floral '60s minidress with a dagger collar and exactly my style, but unfortunately it was a too tight on the hips so I had to leave it but I grabbed the vest anyway as it's sure to go with many things. I'm sure it's handmade which I always love finding, I can't help but think of the girl (or her mum!) making it to wear all of those years ago with no idea it would still be worn and loved 50 years later. I also scored quite lucky on the record front and scooped up a couple of 45s. I already had the disc of the Twist and Shout EP but not it's sleeve, and I already had the picture sleeve for Strawberry Fields Forever but not the disc so it worked out perfectly! But really I've saved the best until last...

This was actually a present to myself from myself, but it still counts, right? The Piper At The Gates of Dawn has long been at the very top of my vinyl wishlist, which shouldn't come as any surprise if you know me and how much I adore Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett. It's Pink Floyd's debut album and is the only album that really features Syd (he does have some moments on A Saucerful of Secrets but not much as the band were struggling to work with him by then and David Gilmour had stepped in). Because of this the album has a completely different sound to other Pink Floyd albums, much more psychedelic, and personally to me is their best. Debut albums are almost always worth more in general, but Pink Floyd's history with Syd really makes this one skyrocket and it can be difficult to find a genuine first mono pressing which is what I wanted. I always figured if I was going to spend big on this album one day, I may as well get the one I really wanted!

I got some money recently and knew straight away that I wanted to treat myself to this with it so went straight onto eBay and quite lucked out finding this copy. It hadn't been described very well and so didn't have many other bidders (only two others) and it ended in the middle of the night so I presume I was the only one dedicated enough to stay up for it to ensure it became mine. It's a true first mono pressing (mono is important as it's mixed differently. Pink Floyd mixed the mono themselves over a period of days, whereas the record company mixed the stereo without Pink Floyd's input in about 20 minutes and there's quite some significant sound differences) and it has a G1 matrix which means it was part of the very first batch ever made. Exciting, huh?? I still can't quite believe it's mine!


  1. I hope you had a very lovely birthday! The bag you found is really pretty, I love those colors. And how exciting about snagging the Pink Floyd album!

  2. That's pretty awesome that your whole outfit is vintage! Such a hard task to do. And they all match so well.


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