Monday, 24 October 2016

Autumn leaves

I've been in the worst health this month, going from a chest infection to sinusitis which I'm still recovering from. I'm off to Disneyland Paris on Wednesday though, so I'm determined not to let it beat more than it has already. I had to pop into town today to change currency and pick up a few last minute bits for travel. I wish I'd done my currency before the pound crashed! I changed £250 which came out to €270 which is appalling (for those of you not in the UK, before £250 would of gotten about €350. I would say I hope those that voted in the referendum are regretting their no, but it makes no difference either way now, it's too late.)

Because I've been so ill, I haven't had the opportunity to enjoy my favourite season but I'm taking solace in that hopefully I've gotten it all out of the way before Christmas. To try and make me feel a bit more me again, I got dressed up in this new-to-me vintage dress I picked up over the summer. It was a roasting day in July, but I saw it hanging in the vintage shop and thought it'd be a perfect Autumn dress with it being crimplene and shades of fallen leaves. It fits like a dream too! Today was more about looking good in comfort, so I let the dress speak for itself with minimal accessorizing, just throwing a big shawl on over to go out. You'll have to forgive the boots, but it's p*ssing down with rain and I'm not about to ruin my vintage suede! I can't wait to dress it up though, with my purple boots and collection of waistcoats.

I imagine my next post will be my Disneyland write up!


  1. You look absolutely beautiful, Freya! That dress is a piece of art, I love those blue beads and your hair is gorgeous.
    I hope you're over the worst of this horrible illness, it seems to come in waves, just when you think you're on the mend it comes back and floors you.
    Have a brilliant time in Disneyland. The exchange rate is shocking. xxx

    1. Thank you! I really couldn't believe my luck finding this dress.


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