Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Put on a little makeup, makeup

I've been absent from the blogging world for a little while, reading as well as writing (and Tumblr-ing, Instagraming, etc), but I have a very good reason for that - I've moved! I'm now in a flat of my very own, which I'm still getting used to and dressing to my liking. It doesn't quite feel like home yet, but I'm sure that will come in time (and to be fair, it's only been two weeks since I collected the keys)

However last Saturday I made the time to pop into London, something I'd been planning for a few weeks. If you're in the UK and a fan of makeup, you probably know that Kat Von D recently launched her brand at Debenhams. I've been eager to get my little grabby hands on Kat's makeup line for a long while - I watch so many US YouTubers who use her products religiously (my favourite being DracMakens) and I already own her Mi Vida Loca Remix eyeshadow palette which I adore so I knew her line was worth the hype. However it's pricey and I've been burned before buying makeup online so I was eager to see the products for myself before handing over my cash.

I picked the busiest day of the week to pop into London because that was the day that Kat Von D herself was coming to the Oxford Street Debenhams store to do a meet and greet to launch her products. I've done day trips to London before and been fine - I get the coach at 4am, to arrive home again the next day at 5.30am. It's a long day I can usually handle, but I'd woken on Friday with a dull ache in my sinuses which meant a cold was brewing. That cold turned out to be a chest infection which I'm still battling, so you can imagine how rough I felt all of Saturday but I still managed to have a good time!

I arrived at Debenhams first thing, and hopped straight in the queue to shop her collection and pick up a wristband for the meet and greet. I queued for a little over an hour (and had at least 10 people come up to me specifically (why me?) asking what everyone was queuing for. There were Kat Von D banners everywhere. Take a guess??) and was finally able to browse the makeup selection. It was madness, literally like a scene from a movie with women just grabbing things and climbing over each other. Thankfully I managed to get what I wanted (and find out what foundation shade I am, the main aim) and grab my wristband. I went straight over to the queue to meet Kat, which looked deceivingly not too long. They kept handing out makeup samples and vegan snacks to keep everyone happy, but unfortunately it couldn't detract from the fact we were standing in the sodding rain and barely moving. After 1.5 hours of this, I overheard someone nearby say that they'd heard it was another 3.5 hours from the point we were standing in, and it was that point I gave up.

The freebies! The staff were amazing at making sure everyone got what was being handed out and no one was missed. Pictured is a tote, vegan iced cookies and a sample of the waterproof eyeliner in 'Trooper' (black). We were also given bottled water and boiled Mexican sweets.
So I didn't meet Kat Von D. Do I care? Not a bit. Especially feeling how I did, it was an easy decision to make. I like Kat, but not really enough to call myself a fan of hers, I just enjoy her makeup. Meeting her would of just been a thing to say I'd done, bragging rights I guess. I don't care enough to wait 5 hours in the rain for a 30 second awkward hello. I would in a heartbeat for some, but not Kat. So instead I did a little shopping around central London before going to the theatre in the evening. Time much better spent.

The makeup I bought! I really wanted the foundation brush the most, the bristles are specially angled to fit into all of the nooks of your face, and it's so densely packed. I also got an everlasting lipstick in Ayesha which was the only impulse buy but I loved the lilac shade, and a concealer which I have high hopes for on my persistent dark circles. I haven't used any of these products yet as I've been so ill, but I intend to do a video review when I do!

I also visited the Disney Store and finally bought the Elsa doll I've been pining after but not bought as I haven't had the space. Now I have too much shelf space so I'm glad to finally have her. I don't generally like the Animator Collection dolls, I find them a bit too cutesy and a bit creepy how they've infantalised the characters. But Elsa does appear as a little girl in Frozen, and I find her doll the adorable exception. I love collecting Elsa stuff as she means so much to me, but I'm fussy as hell and dislike a lot of it for either being tacky or not looking like her so it's always nice to find something I do like. The cast member that served me also gave me some free Frozen stickers when I mentioned I collected Elsa things which was a nice touch I really appreciated.

And of course I had to pop to a record store! I didn't want to get the tube, so I just looked through the stores at Berwick Street. Reckless Records and Sister Ray are best for classic rock, but both have a ton of new pressings mixed in with their second hand so always double check what you're buying if like me you prefer the originals. They're not expensive, but don't expect bargains either. They charge the going rate on places like Discogs, so I never spend much on vinyl in London as I'd rather the thrill of finding my favourites for cheap. It's worth checking for rarer stuff though!

First I found an original of Wear Your Love Like Heaven, one of my favourite Donovan albums. I actually already own this as it's disc 1 of the A Gift From A Flower To A Garden boxset, but I really adore the album artwork. I wish I could find a big poster of this for my wall, but Donovan posters are so hard to find.

I also got two Pink Floyd bootlegs, the first being The Syd Barrett Tapes which, yep you guessed it, features outtakes, interviews and alternative takes from when Syd was still with them. I adore the centre label and the bright blue turquoise vinyl. It doesn't show in the photo but it's slightly marbled.

I also got Flowers & Vegetables which is more of the same really: rare tracks and alternative takes of Syd songs. This one is on a fantastic marbled leaf green vinyl which I just had to photograph held up to the light to show you.

I finished the evening by popping in the Japan Centre to stock up on sake (I'm not really a drinker, but sake is just too delicious and not something I can buy just anywhere) before going to the theatre to see The Woman in Black. I'm not generally a big fan of plays that aren't musicals, they feel overacted and a bit ridiculous but I've seen The Woman in Black before and it's the one exception. It's completely different from the film, so don't judge the show if you didn't enjoy that. Although it'd had been about 5 years since I last saw it, I don't think it's a show that can really be seen again once you know where all the horror lies as you're constantly predicting all of the jumps before they happen. I still enjoyed it though, and it was cheaper than a musical (seriously, the cost of tickets is disgusting nowadays. And they wonder why less people are going to the theatre!!)


  1. I want to try some of Kat Von D's makeup. I don't wear make up often, just a little BB cream, mascara, and maybe lip stick. I got my sister in law her lipstick one Christmas and she really liked it. So at some point I would like to get *gasp* a second tube of lip stick at some point. XD

    I am not sure how the theater scene is in England/London but I know in the USA it is all over the place. You can find cheap tickets, but usually those actors are not getting paid and do it in addition to their day jobs. A few of my friends are lucky enough to make a career in theater and it is a pretty rough gig. It is hard not to complain about ticket prices- but I know the people working in the industry work really hard for not that much cash... at least in the states for anything that isn't broadway.

    1. I never used to be particularly into makeup until I started binge watching beauty gurus on YouTube and now it's out of hand, buying makeup has become strangely addictive. I wore the KvD makeup for the first time today and I really love it! I've found it to be one of the few makeup brands that actually does what it claims in terms of longevity and everything.

      I saw this at the West End, which is our version of Broadway so it's all top professional shows. I don't object paying money for tickets, I'm really into theatre and have worked in it myself before so I appreciate all of the work that goes in but tickets for the West End have risen by about 80% in the past few years and that kind of increase just doesn't add up. A ticket that would of cost me £60 four years ago is now well over £110 which makes me sad because it's made what used to be my hobby entirely unaffordable, you know? I do need to get into more local stuff though instead of only seeing West End productions so maybe this will be my push!

    2. I get what you are saying. I was just talking to my friend who's Father is the richest luckiest guy ever. The whole family were big Hamilton fans right as the play opened, and had a feeling and bought a bunch of tickets and made 20,000$ by reselling them. Crazy.

  2. I don't blame you for leaving that queue. What a nightmare. I'm glad you got some makeup in the end, I don't know who Kat is but her stuff is packaged in a very cool way.
    Hope you feel loads better soon. xxx

    1. Thank you! I think Kat's more of a celebrity in the US, I only know her from watching YouTube which is probably why I wasn't that fussed about leaving the queue!

  3. I love Kat Von D's makeup line! I wear the tattoo liner ever single day. I have tried other options that are less expensive, but I always go back because the quality is just so good. That is so exciting about your new place! I hope you are settling in nicely and you that you feel better real soon.

    1. I need to buy a full size of the tattoo liner, I can't believe how good it is! My eyeliner goes on in half the time with it, I expected it to be a load of hype and not actually work better than any other eyeliner so I'm completely blown away! Thank you! ♥


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