Friday, 18 November 2016

Psychedelic daisy

I spent today having some minor surgery done at the dentists (and was given the bad news that my wisdom tooth is going to have to come out, boo!!) so while I spend the evening sitting in front of the TV with toothache feeling sorry for myself, I thought I'd share with you this outfit from a few days ago. I'm a bit rubbish at taking outfit photos lately as I've only been getting dressed up to go to uni and I'm so not a morning person I struggle to have the time. But I think I'm gradually getting my body clock adjusted to cope, just in time to break up for Christmas, ha!

dress, coat, brooch, and bangles - 1960s vintage
shoes - thrifted Office and painted by me 

I'm really looking forward to going back to my parents for Christmas, not only for seeing family and familiar faces but also for vintage and record shopping. I really took for granted just how great Lincolnshire was for all of that stuff and assumed it was as plentiful everywhere. Where I am now couldn't be worse!

There's one lonely record store which is owned by a very nice man, but the stock turnover isn't great so it's not like I can go digging through there on the regular which is my favourite past time. The clothing is even worse: there's not one single vintage shop which I find strange in a town with such a huge population of students, and the charity shops are just crap, full of nothing but years old Primark in grotty condition. They're the kind of charity shops where you feel like you need to give your hands a good and thorough clean after looking at anything. I always go looking in hope I'll find something, anything, but generally I have to travel if I want to indulge my favourite hobbies which is a shame (and ends up with me buying more high street tat than I care to admit).

To think I used to have things like this on my doorstep, so much vintage I could afford to be choosy:

So you know what I'm going to be doing as soon as I'm back! We're planning a day trip to York too, so if any of you happen to know that area well I'm all ears for recommendations.

This outfit was entirely purchased locally from places around Lincolnshire. The coat is one of my prized possessions, I got it for an absolute steal as the seller was desperate to get rid of it because "no one wants 60s stuff! I can't get rid of it!" Maybe that's why I have so much luck locally, it's all left for me! Personally, I think it's the most beautiful coat I've ever seen. I wish I could wear it more, but it's ever so slightly too small for me across my back so I can't layer under it at all. I love pairing it with this green shift dress, the colours and patterns clash just perfectly.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your wisdom tooth but try not to worry, I had to have a couple removed and the thought was a lot worse than the actual process.
    What a fab outfit. I swear I sold the identical coat to that last year in Bristol to a heavily pregnant lady who was hoping it would fit when she'd given birth. If it had fitted me i'd have kept it.
    Love your hair dark. xxx

    1. That's reassuring to know, thanks! Generally I'm not too freaked by the dentists, but everyone makes a right song and dance about wisdom tooth removal which always made me wary.
      I really wish my coat fit me a little better, I'd wear it all the time if it did. Thanks!

  2. How fab do you look? Lucky you get to keep all the 60's gems! I'm sorry about your tooth, hope all goes well x

    Sick Chick Chic

  3. I had to get all four of my wisdom teeth out, it wasn't so bad! The procedure itself went very smoothly and was over so fast. I was a little sore for a bit afterward but they gave me medicine that helped a lot. Plus I got to eat a bunch of milkshakes! The worst part of the whole experience was that they didn't let me keep my teeth.. I am still annoyed about that!

    I love this outfit, that color combination is a dream!!

    1. That's certainly good to know, thanks! It's probably one of those things where waiting for it and building it up in your head is the worse part!


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