Thursday, 1 December 2016


Dress, coat, handbag - 1960s vintage
Shoes - New Look

This little dress is my most recent vintage purchase, from eBay. It was love at first sight, it felt so perfect with it's Peter Pan collar, mod babydoll shape, bishop sleeves and tartan in my favourite shade: orange. Tartan always feels particularly seasonal at Christmas, and this was such the dress of my dreams that I found myself holding my breath as I looked at the size. When somethings so perfect, it's natural to assume it'll be the wrong size and this was listed as a size 8 which I'm certainly not! But reading the measurements and checking them repeatedly just to make sure, I realised it was actually my exact size and I couldn't order it quick enough. Whilst I enjoy wearing all kinds of psychedelic patterns and colours, there's nothing quite like the clean uncomplicated lines of mod style and it's the style that originally got me interested in '60s fashion in the first place.

As the ice has finally set in, I teamed it with my cosy orange '60s Afghan coat and I just love how it paired.

I doubt you can even tell I'm wearing anything on my lips in these photos, but I'm actually wearing a fairly pricey lipstick. Money well spent, eh? I've been intrigued by B├ęsame Cosmetics for a long time now, having heard so much buzz about it within the vintage community. It's difficult to get a hold of in the UK, so as I was placing an order with Sephora decided to treat myself and throw it into my order for an extra $22. It's makeup that's supposed to recreate colours and formulas of times gone by.

I ordered Portrait Pink, a shade which promises to be a direct replica of lipstick from 1963 and offers full coverage with one coat.

Honestly my lipstick from Poundland offers better coverage. It offers my lips a slightly glossed effect, but then so does Vaseline. Whilst I do have some vintage makeup, I don't have any lipstick to compare it to but I'm fairly certain it had to have been better than this - all of my real life '60s makeup is incredibly pigmented. I feel like I've just paid for fancy packaging on a tinted lipbalm, and personally I'd rather have basic packaging and lipstick that actually colours my lips.


  1. Oh my gosh that jacket is soo deadly cool I need to find one like that!and it's funny to hear that you got into 60s fashion because of the mod style, for me it was definitely all the psychedelic stuff but I definitely appreciate all the mod too!

    1. I picked it up over summer, so managed to get it super cheap but it's my most worn coat now!

  2. What a gorgeous outfit! You're right the dress and Afghan go perfectly together.
    The vintage mafia rave about Besame lipsticks, I'm far more likely be believe your review, though. What a shame. I rarely pay much for a lipstick as I'm rarely happy with the colour. x

    1. Thank you!
      If it hadn't of been an overseas order I'd of returned the lipstick, it's that bad. I really don't get what they're all raving about, I presume they must be being paid to do so! I'm mad at myself really, I should of known better than to fall for a reproduction.


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