Sunday, 22 January 2017

Such is the silence o'er royal Camelot

I just love this dress. I found it on Etsy, and my first thought was “it’s beautiful, but when would I wear it?”. Then I checked myself and remembered that I don’t need an occasion to wear what the hell I want and bought it immediately.

dress and shoes - 1960s vintage // necklace - Topshop sale
It’s handmade from the ‘60s and in just wonderful condition. Whenever I buy handmade vintage items, I can’t help but wonder if one day my own handmade clothes will fall into the hands of someone who loves them? It’s quite exhilarating to think that could happen and although it feels unlikely to me, I bet it would of felt unlikely to these girls in the ‘60s who just wanted a dress like they saw in the boutiques but without the price tag and had no idea their creations would live on.

This particular dress is modelled after the medieval revival in the late ‘60s, a fashion movement I absolutely adore. Most of the clothing I've featured below was designed by The Fool, a Dutch design and music collective who like their name suggests were hugely inspired by imagery from the tarot. They're one of my most favourite designers of the era.

Of course much of this was toned down for the everyday dolly, but elements of the style such as lace up bodices, brightly coloured tights, huge balloon, bishop, Juliette and bell sleeves and opulent brocade and velvet fabrics became hugely popular.

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