Friday, 14 April 2017

A day in the life

Back in the day on my old blog I used to occasionally do photo-an-hour posts, and it's something I've wanted to bring back for a while. I always love reading these kinds of posts from others, mostly because I'm nosy and love seeing what people get up to on the day to day, and also because it feels so intimate and personal. Blogging can feel very superficial sometimes, and I always enjoy any opportunity to get to know the person behind the blog better. I also enjoy creating these posts as it's a really fun way to document the little things of your day and try and see the beauty in the mundane.

8.30 - I always begin my day by getting ready first. I'm slow to wake up, and I just find the process of putting on my makeup and selecting an outfit a great bit of 'me' time before I feel awake enough to face the world.

9.45 - My mum and I headed out to a huge antiques centre for the day, and jumped in the car early to make the most of the day. (Disclaimer: my mum took this photo. Don't drive and snap kids!)

10.30 - We arrived, and first port of call was to admire the blossoming cherry trees edging the car park. I used to see these trees all of the time when I lived in London but I don't really see them up North so it felt a bit nostalgic.

11.30 - Still antiquing! We spent a good chunk of the day here. We were at Hemswell Antiques which I'm really lucky to live not too far from. There's about 7 huge sprawling antique centres all housed right next to each other, and it's absolute bliss! Some of it is a bit more expensive, but honestly it's fun just to look round.

12.30 -

1.30 -

2.30 -

3.30 - With my car boot fully loaded, we finally left for home. I'll show you the goodies in another post!

4.15 - Got home to see my Amazon order had arrived. I'd been meaning to purchase this on vinyl for absolutely years, but buying brand new vinyl never appeals to me much and is so overpriced I always put it off.

5.00 - Went for a walk through the fields before dinner. It's such an idyllic spot, it's one of my favourite things to do. I appreciate it all the more since moving away.

I got quite ill in the evening (that spoonie life) so stopped taking photographs and just chilled on the sofa. But there you have it! My days look pretty different when I'm in my student flat so that'll be a fun comparison. I'm looking forward to creating more of these posts from time to time.


  1. Hi Sydney, this looks like my ideal day- vintage shopping and being immersed in nature. I love that photo of the cherry blossoms. Looking forward to reading about your finds. Xx

  2. I love posts like this 'cos I'm nosey!
    What a fantastic day, just how I like to spend my time, rummaging and road trips.
    Love your denim jacket and the glimpse of your bejewelled hands and wrists.
    How lovely to have those woods on your doorstep. xxx

    1. Haha yeah me too! Thank you! I used to really take being so close to nature for granted, now it's the thing I miss most!

  3. I love these posts as well! I manage to do about one a year, but I'd like to do them more often. This sounds like quite a nice day. I do love exploring antique stores, and looking at all the interesting stuff.

    1. It ended up being a really good day! I hope to do them fairly often :)


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