Sunday, 30 April 2017

Its a Disney kind of day

I've really been missing Disneyland Paris recently and longing to go back, when I suddenly remembered I hadn't gotten my film photos developed from my last trip! I shot all of these photos using my Holga TIM 135 camera. I've had this camera for years, but I often forget about it and this was only my second roll of film using it. Usually if I shoot film I just use disposable cameras, so I expected the Holga to work similarly as it's almost like a toy. It's definitely a trial and error camera, I hope I'll get the hang of it eventually, but not many of my photos came out very well!

The biggest issue I had was blurriness, which is frustrating as I can't figure out why. I understand the parade photos being blurry as it's photographing movement, but some of the blurring just feels random and I can't work out the cause. Also this camera absolutely sucks in any low lighting, if it's not sunny don't bother. If it's indoors, don't bother.

I think the worst thing about this camera is because it's dual lens, you have to cover one lens up when you take a picture, then switch them for the next. This becomes really confusing very quickly as there's no way of knowing if you've already used both sides or are going to roll ahead leaving half of your image blank. Saying all of this though, I do really like the camera, it's definitely fun!


  1. Cool colours! I like how the photos have a nostalgic feel, reminding me of the photos we took growing up and how they looked when they were developed. :)

    1. Yes the colours are always my favourite aspect of film photography! I want to try get some expired film for this camera, I bet that'll look even better!

  2. I absolutely love how these turned out! Film photography has so much character to it.


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