Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Style Inspiration: Rosemary Woodhouse

Rosemary's Baby is my all time favourite movie, not only for it's wonderful plot and how magnificently creepy it is, but also for Rosemary's style which is such an integral part of her character. She mostly wears shades of yellows, blues and white, and wears very simplistic shapes and styles all which symbolise her femininity, innocence and youth and reminds the audience that she's just a regular young woman. This film is what drew me to wearing vintage clothing myself in the first place, and Rosemary has always remained my main style inspiration. I distinctly remember finding a '60s tent dress, this one, and thinking it felt like something Rosemary would of worn. Before that moment I hadn't realised that I could buy actual vintage clothes from the '60s without breaking the bank and it was the beginning of my long love affair. Slipping that dress on over my head felt magic and although I didn't have the lithe frame of Mia Farrow, it didn't matter. I'd stepped back in time and I felt more like myself than I'd ever felt before.

Whenever I find myself getting a little lost on what to wear, I put on Rosemary's Baby and am immediately inspired. I can't really put my finger on what precisely it is about her style that calls to me so strongly, but it does. Her wardrobe is often in the back of my mind when shopping or sewing, and when I find something similar to her, oh what a wonderful day!

A simple navy and white striped shift with matching hair ribbon. She wears this same dress later in the film with a blue sweater and tights.

Puff sleeve shift dress. Most of the patterns she wears are very geometric and understated.

Nehru collared gold trimmed coat.

Yellow Hawaiian print muumuu mini dress. This is my favourite of all of her outfits, and one I've long been searching to recreate.

Bib collared blue floral dress with mary-janes

Navy turtle-neck with tartan maxi skirt

Yellow sweater with mustard gingham jacket

Poorly yet she still manages to look fab in her pea-coat with matching hat and scarf

Smocked yellow tent dress

Marigold yellow tent dress

The best anyone's ever looked at a funeral. I've collected all of the materials to sew a similar dress soon.

Square necked tent dress

Screencaps by Shadow of Reflection


  1. I've never watched Rosemary's Baby, but it's been on my mental list of old movies to watch, I just haven't got around to it. This post has prompted me into action, Id like to watch it soon. :) It's so great that you can sew your own outfits, looking forward to seeing how you recreate the funeral outfit. :)

    1. Thank you, I hope you enjoy it when you see it! It's one of those movies that lingers in your mind long after you've watched it :)

  2. I love Rosemary's wardrobe. When I got pregnant I thought all my clothes would look just like hers. Turns out it was hard to find some of the clothing, and it didn't help that I was due in December. Those cute dresses aren't very warm.

    1. Tent dresses are surprisingly difficult to find, I've only ever found the one I mentioned, all others I've had to make myself from scratch. Congratulations on your baby! :)

  3. I was rummaging through my pattern stash last weekend and discovered a vintage muumuu pattern with a similar shaped dress to Mia's. Its yours if you want it. Email me xxx

    1. Thank you so much, thats so nice! I will!

  4. My very favorite movie, too!! I also love most her outfits!

  5. Hey. Do you have a Fb Page?


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