Sunday, 16 July 2017

Recent Vintage Finds

As soon as I came home for the summer I had to have a snoop around my favourite antique and charity shops and didn't come away empty handed! This dress was one of my finds, I saw it's psychedelic sleeve poking out from a great bundle of clothing that was all hanging from a single hook in the ceiling just out of reach. I knew just from the sleeve that I wanted it, and had to try to sneakily knock it off the hook with an antique walking stick that was nearby without disturbing the other clothes. It felt like a weird version of Hook-A-Duck but thankfully I managed to get it down, and I absolutely loved it upon closer inspection, even more so that it came with a matching scarf. The elastic is a little out of shape especially round the cuffs, but I actually like it how it is as it makes the sleeves more bell shaped. And I adore how well it matches my new sandals which I got as a birthday present to myself! I'd been eyeing them up for a while and when I saw they were half price I couldn't resist. Although they're new I think they look perfectly '70s, and even though they're so high they're incredibly comfortable as they're so platformed it's like wearing flats. I think they'll look great in the colder months too with a pair of contrasting tights.

I was mostly out looking for a plant pot, but as is always the way with vintage shopping when you go out with something set in mind you'll never find it! I did however see this West German vase for a steal, and as I love a bit of West German pottery it had to come home with me. I also found the little fold up picnic table, I'm not sure what I'll use it for but I'm sure it will come in handy at some point as it's so portable. I thought it could even make a nice coffee table as it's the right height.


  1. Hi Sydney, I absolutely love your dress-the pattern, sleeves and buttons are amazing! The picnic table is adorable too. Xxx

  2. ohhh I LOVE this!
    there's just something about a dark color with bright florals popping off it.
    I love the story too, of how you had to get a hold of it with the walking stick. the best dresses are so worth every effort!

    Randy Abby
    WAKE ME UP Blog

    1. Thank you! I agree, it's a really nice contrast!


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