Thursday, 17 August 2017

Sunny day while away the afternoon

I don't think I've yet shown this dress on here, even though I've had it for a while and it's one of my favourites. I got it when I went to Brighton and stumbled across Waiste Vintage's pop up shop. I've bought from them online in the past and always loved absolutely everything, and I'd totally forgotten they had a physical store until I saw it when wandering about. I loved this dress as soon as I set eyes on it, it's an old St Michael dress so the quality is fab.

This was what I wore when I went to my local antiques centre. It's an absolutely massive place, there's about 8 or so different stores all next to each other and it takes an entire day just to look at everything. It's expensive so I literally tend to look instead of buy, but I just love all of the oddities on display. I always think it's worth visiting these types of places for inspo more than anything. I've often seen things I've liked that I might not have otherwise considered, and then looked them up on eBay after I've gotten home.

I love looking at vintage badges. I bought the 'I Like Ringo' one and the Queen one.

I love the pattern on that tin but it was about a tenner and there's no way. I have the matching coffee percolator to that Wedgewood Russell Hobbs milk warmer, but as I don't have milk in my coffee I couldn't see any point in buying it.

They have a great selection of records. There aren't too many record shops around these parts and they tend to be quite basic when they do exist. It's a very general selection here and you probably won't find anything rare, but it's very wide variety and great for filling in the gaps of a collection. I didn't get anything this time, but it's the first time I've left empty handed.

Any here's what I did get! My nan used to have one of these Pyrex mixers, it has a little whisk and sieve on the bottom and is just a great all-rounder item to have in the kitchen. I saw an expensive one downstairs, then went upstairs and saw it for £5 in the same store. It came with it's original box, which I have mixed feelings about. As it's survived so long and I have a hoarders mindset I feel duty bound to keep it, but it's also completely unnecessary. I also got this cute little watering can for my indoor plants.

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Floating down, the sound resounds

Today is 50 years to the day that my favourite album of all time was released. August 5th, 1967. It still sounds fresh - I'd like to say as fresh as it would of sounded when released, but it was unlike anything that had ever been released before it so that's impossible. It's an album that gets overlooked a lot - even by Pink Floyd themselves. Nothing was released for it's 50th anniversary, no special edition, not even a previous edition repackaged for the occasion. Nothing. I'm bitter about that - when you consider how many editions of Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall have been released. Those albums would never have been made without Piper at the Gates of Dawn. Pink Floyd as we know it would never have existed without Syd Barrett. They'd never have been signed to EMI without him. So many people don't even know who he was, beyond the "crazy diamond" written about on Wish You Were Here. He was so much more than that. He wrote the majority of Piper at the Gates of Dawn, Pink Floyd struggled to find their feet with their sound after he left. They wrote a few songs that tried to imitate and capture Syd's whimsical essence, but never could. That's Syd's talent. He could take child like themes and play on words, yet there's an unexpected deepness to it. The songs on this album have supported me through some of the darkest times. It transports me to another world, a world where I am understood.

Pink Floyd recorded this album to sound like their live performances that were garnering so much attention. They'd record during the day, and then play a live set at The UFO Club or The Roundhouse in the evening. I can only imagine how fabulous those live sets were.

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