Thursday, 23 November 2017

Everywhere the Carnabetian army marches on

I bought this dress back over summer, but it needed the sleeves fixing. A really simple job, the elastic just needed replacing, but for some reason the more simple jobs are the ones I procrastinate over the most. I just can't be bothered to get my machine out and set it up just for that. But I finally did, and now I can wear it! I really love it, it's so comfy. Except for the neck. I don't know why but a problem I often have with vintage dresses is the neck being tight, regardless of how loose the dress is elsewhere. I'd love to know if anyone else has this problem because it's a weird one, I don't have this issue usually!

dress - 1960s vintage // shoes - 1960s vintage // tights - gipsy tights

If you've been reading for a while, you may remember back in January I went to a vintage kilo sale. Preloved hold many of these kilo sales in Bristol, and as I wanted to pop there for a Grayson Perry exhibition (coming up in a future post!) I decided to make it coincide so I could attend both. I hadn't been to any kilo sales since, but as I knew what to expect this time I was excited and much better prepared. Some things don't fit me, but I knew that might happen going in and was looking at it as stock for my shop (you can try things on, but on a cold November day in a warehouse I really didn't want to!)

This is my favourite purchase of the day, and I'm so pleased it fits me perfectly! A lovely '60s summer dress, made out of cotton so it'll be nice and cool to wear during the warmer months.

Next is this silk '60s dress by Australian designer Norma Tullo. This one fits too, and I love the flared sleeves.

This tent dress is another of my favourites, and stumbled across on the top rack! It was a real free-for-all, and I was going on touch more than anything so as soon as I felt crimplene I snatched it quick. I presume the organisers took it for a smock top, but it's very obviously a mini dress and falls mid thigh. It's the perfect weather for it at the moment too, so I couldn't be happier to add it to my collection.

Vintage swimming costumes sell for an absolute fortune online and in vintage stores, so I was very glad to find this one with such a fun print. It has a fully structured in-built bra to keep things nice and secure despite having a low backline, and I'm always a fan of the skirted style as I find it much more flattering than those horrid high legged costumes that seem to be all they sell nowadays.

I really love thiss dress, but unfortunately it's too tight. It's made of jersey so it's ever so soft, and is by German brand Junge Mode.

I wonder if this blouse may have been used by a gentleman at some point, as I noticed on closer inspection that inside the seams had been altered from being a more curvy shape to a straight style. He had good taste if so, and this crimplene blouse is in such nice condition it could easily be mistaken for brand new. I'm unsure if I'll be keeping this one just because I have so many blouses.

The maxi dress on the left I'm a little torn over. Initially I thought it horrendous, I thought it one of those shirred things where you tie the straps around your neck halter style. My babysitter used to wear those dresses constantly and even at 6 years old I knew it was such a bad look. I initially grabbed it because it's crimplene, only to put it back on the rail sharpish upon seeing the style, but as I rifled through more my eye kept being drawn back to the beautiful purple shade with orange flowers. So I decided to get it to reuse the fabric, as shirring is easy to remove and then I'd have a good sized length of fabric to make into a better dress. It wasn't until I was getting it ready to take the photos that I noticed that it actually has some structure around the armholes, and the straps aren't to be tied but have buttons to attach to on the back which completely changed my mind on the dress. I'm now undecided as to it's fate, it'll depend what it looks like actually worn.

The wool cape by Sidwell London was another lucky find, it was added to the rails right in front of me and I snatched it up quick!

This crimplene maxi dress looks a little washed out in photos, but it's actually a beautiful lime green. The cotton lace detailing has gone off colour but should be an easy fix, but I'm currently undecided whether to keep it as a maxi, shorten it into a mini, or sell it on and let it's new owner decide. The label was what really caught my eye, it's so groovy. 'Katies' was too vague a term for Google to be of any help, it just brought up lots of Australian girls facebook profiles, so if anyone has any info I'd love to know!

And lastly, 2 coats. The brown velvet is almost exactly like a purple version I wear constantly and fits me just as well. I'm not sure whether to hold on to it just because I do own something so similar, and I find the purple of my coat so versatile as it is. The sheepskin I was convinced would fit, but unfortunately is just too tight. I'm absolutely gutted as my Afghan coat is getting to a point of being saved for best and so I thought this would become my everyday coat. It's beautiful condition, knee length with a fitted silhouette. My only consolation is that I'm at least certain of a healthy profit.

Definitely not a bad haul though I think you'll agree! I really recommend kilo sales if there are any held near you, as you can basically get a new wardrobe for very little. The two I've been to have both been by Preloved, and details of events near you are usually on Facebook (which I assume would be true for all organisers, all around the world!)


  1. Hi Sydney, love your finds, especially the dress you're wearing and the German made one. Katies is a store we have here in Australia, aimed at older women. This week they announced that they're closing a lot of the stores down. I imagine that, in the 60s and 70s, the clothes from Katies were much more fab, as your dress highlights. I've never been to a kilo sale before, I'm not sure if they even have them in Australiabut I'm off to investigate. Xx

    1. Ah that's so cool, thanks for the info! There's a few shops like that here, that used to be trendy and kind of aged along with it's original demographic.

  2. Wow! What a brilliant haul! The dress you're wearing looks wonderful with those perfectly matching tights and shoes.
    I hear you over those trivial little repairs - it feels so good when you get them done, doesn't it? xxx
    PS I adore that Junge Mode dress, let me know if you're going to sell it...I think I need it in my life.

    1. Thank you! It really does, especially as the longer it's left the less I can usually be bothered!
      I have it listed on eBay here :)

    2. I don't think I'd be able to get into a 31" bust sadly! x

  3. Oh I like that dress a lot! And it goes quite well with the color of your tights. I can't stand any piece of clothing that is tight around the neck, makes me feel like I can't breathe!

    Those are some pretty great finds, I love the bathing suit!


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