Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Wonderful Wonderful

Last Tuesday night I finally saw The Killers live at their own concert. And it was so fabulous I've struggled to find the words to even put it into a blog post.

I've loved The Killers for over 10 years. When I first discovered them, they really reignited my passion for music and have remained incredibly important to me ever since. I'd always been incredibly passionate about music throughout my young life, but during my later teen years I found myself drifting away from it for a while, becoming a passive listener. That is until I heard When You Were Young on the radio when it was released and something was ignited in me that has never gone out since. I went out and purchased Sam's Town as soon as it was released, then the following week went back to the music shop to buy Hot Fuss and catch up with what I’d missed. I remember when I held that album in my hands for the first time, recognizing some of the track names and feeling apprehensive as I was sure I wouldn't like it. It was for nothing and the songs quickly grew on me, although I have to admit Hot Fuss has never been my favourite album even if I do have a tattoo of one of the tracks from it! Nothing came close to the magic of Sam's Town for me, at least not until the release of Day & Age.

The Killers

Although I’ve been a fan of the Killers for so long, and a member of their official fan club for over a decade, it’s taken me until this year to be able to see them live. The first time was for my birthday, which felt serendipitous but ending up being a not so great time, so I was excited to have the opportunity to see them again in a better environment surrounded by like minded fans.

I was lucky enough to get a ticket within the two minutes they were on sale before selling out (!), and last Tuesday I made my way up to Birmingham. It’s taken me until now to be able to form my thoughts somewhat coherently, and still I don’t feel I can emphasise just how amazing the experience was.

I got there a little later than I had intended, I had a standing ticket and wanted to queue early but the M5 had other plans. Despite being held up for 2 hours, there were only about 100 people in front of me when I arrived at the Genting Arena at 5pm which I suspect was due to the abysmal weather. We were let in early at 5.30, and by the time we were allowed into the arena I was 5th row from the front, which was an incredible view: close enough to be able to see the actual texture of Brandon’s face, but far back enough to clearly see the back of the stage and the rest of the band.

It’s only Brandon and Ronnie left of the band members touring now, and I have to admit I didn’t take much notice of the other musicians although they were faultless. Brandon was everything you’d expect him to be, a true showman who commanded the stage at all times. Ronnie was on his platform giving his drum kit his all, I’ve always had a weak spot for Ronnie so he particularly held my attention (my favourite band member is always the drummer, and I literally have no idea why???). It was my first time hearing their new album bar The Man which they performed at Hyde Park. I hadn’t wanted to listen to it any sooner as I haven’t liked some of their more recent work and was worried that if I didn’t like it, it would tarnish the show for me, and so I’d rather my first experience of those tracks be the live versions so I can forever associate them with the atmosphere. I love the new album so I needn’t of worried, but I do love that it now has that link to the show for me. I can't listen to it without feeling that joy and seeing them perform in my minds eye all over again.

One thing that I always love about Killers fans (or Victims to use the fan club name) is that we’re a diverse lot. On one side of me were two girls who looked about 16, the other side a couple who looked in their 50s. In the seats I could even see a few people with grey hair and walking sticks. I love when a band can bring so many generations together, I think that’s something really special. It's so wonderful to connect with strangers in such a sincere way through such a strong and shared love of something.

Their performance was amazing. They played some of my favourite songs, including Spaceman, Losing Touch, For Reason's Unknown, Read My Mind, and Runaways, which I was so thankful for. I'd seen the set list from the previous night and was pleased to notice that it was different, offering each audience their own experience. My happiness was immense, I've never danced so much in my life and my feet were throbbing the entire next day but it was entirely worth it.

A small note to end on, but I was also pleased with the venue, especially as I'll be seeing Roger Waters there next year. It's not as big as the venues in London, which I feel offers a much better experience all round no matter where you are situated in the audience.


  1. I'm so glad to hear that this experience was loads better than your earlier one. xxx


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