Sunday, 17 December 2017

The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever

A very simple outfit today, but I realised that despite owning this vintage dress for years, it's yet to appear on my blog! I'm also wearing my brand new boots which I got back in October after my final visit to see the Pink Floyd exhibition Their Mortal Remains. I love how '70s they look, and as I was on a bit of a '70s high after the exhibition they felt too perfect. They're also incredibly comfortable, I've mentioned before I have trouble getting shoes to fit but I've been wearing these almost every day!

dress - 1970s vintage, market stall // afghan coat - 1960s vintage, local vintage shop // boots - topshop // necklaces - my late grandmothers

Back when I went to Bristol for the vintage kilo sale, I also popped to the Arnolfini gallery to see Grayson Perry’s exhibition, The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever! I love art with substance to it, and I love the way he looks at and questions the world. It was much more expansive that I expected it to be for a free exhibition, with a wide scope of his work on offer. I was particularly smitten with his large textile pieces, the amount of work that’s gone into them in mind blowing especially when you see the sheer scale of the pieces.

The purpose of the motorbike is to question gender norms. To take something as masculine as a motorcycle, and to cover it in words, colours and motifs that are seen as being effeminate.

This was one of my favourites, especially after reading the placard. It lives in his garden as a shrine to him and his wife, and is filled with tokens and mementos of their relationship together.

Sketchbooks are my favourite way of viewing an artists work, and I was pleased they had a few of his on display. Not only is it fascinating to see how ideas originate and get developed, they're so much more personal than finished artworks by the sheer nature of them being less polished.


  1. That's such a pretty dress,and I just love that jacket! The art exhibit looks so interesting. I love art that makes you think!

    1. Thank you! I agree, I'm not generally much into modern art but I like when it challenges you to think about stuff.

  2. I love Grayson Perry - Walsall was loaned a few of his artworks a couple of years ago and I used to pop in and see them every week.
    What a fab coat and pretty peasant dress. Those boots are almost identical to my eBay Frye boots. Absurdly comfy!

    1. That's so lucky! I'm always pleased when there's a good exhibition outside of London, it doesn't happen often enough!


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